5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Boat In California

Buying a boat is a significant life decision, and a dream come true for many. However, it can cost a great deal of money and have an impact on your life. You need to be adequately informed before making any decisions. For that reason, here are five things that you should consider … Read more

Reasons to have a Microfiber towel

microfiber towel

Microfiber towels have many advantages over the basic ones. They are super absorbent; they attract dirt and they dry much faster. You can find many uses for microfiber towels ranging from cleaning your TV, monitor, eyeglasses and even your car. Microfibers are very potent at attracting dirt and that’s why they are … Read more

Essential Items for House Boat Living

Living on boat  is different from living on land, and where you live on your boat matters as well. Whether you’re planning on a houseboat trip or moving out to live on a boat permanently, you have to be aware of the things you need to bring with you. Here are some … Read more

Guide to Planning Meals for House Boat Vacation

So, you’ve decided to go on a houseboat vacation with people dear to you. You have gotten commitments of each one, you have shopped for great outfits, and you’ve paid your deposit for the trip. So now, you may have questions about how to prepare for meals during your houseboat vacation. One … Read more

Tips for Living on a House Boat

A two story houseboat with a boat docked beside it

Owning a home near the water is a total life goal. Meanwhile, having a home on the water is even better and more exciting. Houseboats can be docked in calm waters, while some can double as a travel boat for sweet cruising by the river. If you’ve always dreamed of living aboard, … Read more

How to Repair your Aluminum Boat Hull?

Aluminum boots are useful than fiberglass and wood. They are lightweight, fast, and maneuverable. As compared to wood, these boats are durable. Wood rot is common in wooden-hulled boats. You can avoid this problem with aluminum. Remember, aluminum can’t shatter just like fiberglass. For this reason, aluminum boats are easy to repair. … Read more

Water Activities To-Do in Fitzroy Island

Located right off the coast of Cairn, Fitzroy Island is an island paradise that tens of thousands of travelers should visit. With its clear blue waters and fine sand beaches right in the throes of the Great Barrier Reef, there is no end to the number of water activities that you can … Read more

When Should You Think About Buying a New Boat?

Boating is a particularly popular activity for many and the ability to own one’s own boat allows full flexibility of when you can go out on the water. However, with that comes a whole range of costs which you might not have considered. Keeping on top of a boat’s maintenance is not … Read more

Travel Your Dream Destinations Almost Free

Traveling free is a dream of millions. Travel lovers love to explore the world, but the issue is that their dream is expensive. These are not the old days when all you need to travel was a horse. Now you have to pay for everything. But there are some tricks which may … Read more

Should You Charter a Yacht or a Luxury Sailboat?

Sailing Boat Sea Yacht Summer Yachting Vacation

Technically speaking, a yacht is any sail or engine or motor powered sea vessel used for pleasure, cruising or racing. But many people make the distinction that any large private motor powered pleasure boat is a yacht and if it has a sail it is a luxury sailboat or sailing yacht. Names … Read more

Top 5 most beautiful destinations to moor your boat in Europe

Top 5 most beautiful destinations to moor your boat in Europe

Photo by Matthiasmullie // CC BY-SA 4.0 Caption: Revamped to its current, modern state in 1927, Port Hercule can house up to 700 vessels at one time. Sailing is one of the more scenic pastimes. It’s something that is done to enjoy the consequences, as opposed to enjoying the actual act of sailing itself—similarly … Read more

How to make your own kratom capsules?

How to make your own kratom capsules?

Kratom capsules are so far the best form of kratom to consume. There are certain limitations of using other forms of kratom which needed to be resolved. Plus, purchasing kratom capsules is also a bit tricky as it can be very expensive to buy and risky also. So, it is suggested to … Read more