Ships Used In The Civil War

Picture Of Black and Brown Color of Ship

Civil war organizes by a group fighting against the other country or region that aims to take control and change the policies by the government. People who join fight like this sometimes want to hear what they wish to force the person on the throne to make what they want to happen. … Read more

A Brief History of Rafts

Paddling men in a raft

When you think of a hobby, sports, or a kind of activity that you haven’t yet experienced, you might consider boating. With the advent of different boats today, you have a lot of choices to give a try someday. But as watching these boats in the bay, media platforms, and magazines, some … Read more

The Origin of Flatboats

The Origin of Flatboats

Boating is a kind of recreational activity that has a lot of benefits in terms of either physical or business purposes. It was also a kind of vehicle to reach other places through the water. To make this possible, you need a boat first, and the type is up to you or … Read more

Docking A Boat: What You Need To Know

Boats Near Dock

Docking a boat pulls your vessel up with full force to a dock by making a parallel position using a rope. It is to secure the ship that will not move to its place to make it the people get easier to step on to the floor. It is essential to know … Read more

Ideas On Having A Party On A Boat

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Throwing a party on a boat is not an ordinary party that we’re throwing. But this kind of party is different and fun to be experienced, and we love to celebrate it as something special to us. We always have an idea to make it more exciting to do with our friends … Read more

Tips for Boating at Night

An image of a boat on the sea

Have you ever wish for a night escapade just to relax or be with your intimate group? Wherein the cold breeze slaps your skin while the blinking lights from afar spur romantic ambiance. Well, there were a lot of boating locations like the Gondolas on the Grand Canal, Venice, wherein couples, friends, … Read more

Guide To Living on A Boat

Houseboat on the river among exotic nature

If you are planning to leave the bricks and mortar for good and willing to live on a boat, you are planning to enjoy your days with skyline views, romance with nature, and the dewy smell of the air on the waters. Living on a boat gives you various benefits like closeness … Read more

Saving Money While Owning a Boat

A girl holding 100 US Dollar Banknotes

You might have gone on a cruise once and you loved to make waves on the waters. Going on a cruise can be a fun thing. You can arrange a party at your yacht, go fishing, wakeboarding, skiing, tubing, or just floating on the waters. After a long winter, it is a … Read more

Top 10 Mistakes by Power Boaters

Motorboats in the hangar

If you are new to boating or a professional boater, you will make common mistakes that lead to consequences on the water. It happens when you are in hurry or you don’t pay attention to the maintenance of your boat. Some mistakes are embarrassing and some are costly mistakes. These common mistakes … Read more

Ensuring the Safety of Kids on a Boat

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Compared to doing recreational activities on dry land, boating with kids needs more detailed safety planning. Especially since, unlike on land, you’re afloat in the middle of the vast water, and help might not come as fast as you would want them to be. Going on a boat ride together with your kids and … Read more