Photographing on Boats and at Sea: Everything You Should Know

Photographing on Boats and at Sea

The allure of the open sea, with its vast horizons, dramatic weather patterns, and unique perspectives, offer any photographer a rich canvas to work on. However, photographing at sea, especially from boats, comes with its own set of challenges. We are here to help, though! Here’s everything you should know to help … Read more

What You Need To Know About Plumbing On A Houseboat

What You Need To Know About Plumbing On A Houseboat

Do you know why people, particularly in other countries, remarkably continues to go outing or to explore? According to a study, people who tend to be in outside activities, especially in water activities, gain benefits to healthy wellness that they can get near water or underwater. It is believed that the sound … Read more

What Should We Know About Boat Plumbing?

What Should We Know About Boat Plumbing

Planning is a must in constructing a system, whether it is hardware or software. It’s like building the backbone, which enables you to build a firm structure to prevent creating a failed project plan. That is why an engineer needs to logically design the wireframe, so the water flows depending on how … Read more

How to Maximize Storage on a Boat

How to Maximize Storage on a Boat

Having to maximize your storage can help you fully organize the things inside your room. However, maximizing them is never easy, especially if you’re in a confined space like a boat. In reality, boats were not supposed to carry many things in them, but with the right skills and knowledge, you should … Read more

What are Boat Aerator Pumps?

What are Boat Aerator Pumps

You went fishing during summer to unwind or for a family trip. In most foreign countries, people primarily love fishing.  To deal with the mechanism,  what to prepare before fishing was that, what is important to maintain? At this moment, if you don’t want to have trouble during the fishing, you will … Read more

Maintaining Food Hygiene On Boats

Person Washing An Apple

Food hygiene is crucial to maintain because of its critical welfare issue for the crew members, so we need to consider other’s health, most especially in this case. Providing them a portion of healthy and nutritious food is better for the seafarers to get some energy for the whole duty onboard. We … Read more

Tips for Boating at Night

An image of a boat on the sea

Have you ever wish for a night escapade just to relax or be with your intimate group? Wherein the cold breeze slaps your skin while the blinking lights from afar spur romantic ambiance. Well, there were a lot of boating locations like the Gondolas on the Grand Canal, Venice, wherein couples, friends, … Read more

Ensuring the Safety of Kids on a Boat

Ensuring the Safety of Kids on a Boat

Compared to doing recreational activities on dry land, boating with kids needs more detailed safety planning. Especially since, unlike on land, you’re afloat in the middle of the vast water, and help might not come as fast as you would want them to be. Going on a boat ride together with your kids and … Read more

Learn About the Interesting History of Steamboats

Learn About the Interesting History of Steamboats

Long before there were cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes, people used waterways and boats to travel. They would use boats for transporting goods and people from place to place. One of the major downfalls of water transport is that it’s slow, and the speed of travel greatly depended on the water current … Read more

Essential Boat buyer’s guide: Choosing your next boat

Essential Boat buyer's guide:

Buying a boat is never easy unless you have a clear idea about boats. Even if you go for second-hand boats, that is not cheap either. It is a lot of fun and adventure to ride a boat with friends and family. People do enjoy boat riding in all seasons but mostly … Read more