How the Sinking of the Titanic Changed Ocean Travel

How the Sinking of the Titanic Changed Ocean Travel

Almost everyone has heard about the ill-fated HMS Titanic that hit an iceberg and sank on April 14-15, 1912. During the time of the disaster, she was known as the world’s largest, most advanced cruise ship and “the safest ship ever built,” making the tragedy outrageously shocking for the whole world. With more … Read more

Why Are Boats Called a “She”?

Why Are Boats Called a She?

Grammar-wise, “she” is a pronoun used to refer to a woman or a female. But how come inanimate objects are referred to as a “she,” like boats and ships? Old sailors used to answer this question with a sexist joke: “Like a woman, a ship is unpredictable.” But there are a lot … Read more

Famous Historical Ships from Around the World

Top Most Famous Ships in History

There are many ships which have made the history books for many reasons, from wars to military to civilian. Ships being the symbol of a country’s power haven’t pretty much changed since the ancient times. Moreover, ships have been important means of transport for goods, passengers, expeditions and trade throughout centuries, ever … Read more