Did People Use To Live On Steam Boats?

People utilized boats and waterways as a mode of transportation even before aircraft, trains, and automobiles were invented. They’d utilize them to carry people and products from one location to another. However, because of river currents and a lack of experts to run them, one of the huge disadvantages of selecting water … Read more

Tips for Living on a House Boat

A two story houseboat with a boat docked beside it

Owning a home near the water is a total life goal. Meanwhile, having a home on the water is even better and more exciting. Houseboats can be docked in calm waters, while some can double as a travel boat for sweet cruising by the river. If you’ve always dreamed of living aboard, … Read more

Types and Kinds of Houseboats

Living on a houseboat whether for vacation, as an alternative home, or for permanent residence – is becoming more and more popular. Permanent residence of houseboats is often an option for retirement. Houseboats come in different shapes and sizes, and whether they are stationary or motor powered. Whatever it is, a houseboat … Read more