Steamboats 1875-79


ED RICHARDSON Built: 1878, by Howard & Company, Jeffersonville, Indiana. Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 309′ x 70′ (including guards), beam 49′, depth of hold 12′, average draft 4′ 10”. Tonnage 2,048. Engines: Two high pressure lever (from steamer Katie), built by John Davies, Louisville. Boilers: Nine, iron, built by Jos. Mitchell, Louisville. Diameter 42″, length 32′, … Read more

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Steamboat and Honeymoon Bridge

Long before there were cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes, people used waterways and boats to travel. They would use boats for transporting goods and people from place to place. One of the major downfalls of water transport is that it’s slow, and the speed of travel greatly depended on the water current … Read more

Interesting Facts About Steam Powered Ships

Interesting Facts About Steam Powered Ships

Check out those interesting facts about steam powered ships that dominated the seas especially during the Industrial Revolution era. Scottish inventor James Watt is renowned for his improvements in the steam power and steam engine technology. He invented and patented different types of steam engine that kicked off the Industrial Revolution. The … Read more