Ships Used In The Civil War

Picture Of Black and Brown Color of Ship

Civil war organizes by a group fighting against the other country or region that aims to take control and change the policies by the government. People who join fight like this sometimes want to hear what they wish to force the person on the throne to make what they want to happen. … Read more

Steamboats 1854-56


WAR EAGLE Built: 1854, Fulton, Cincinnati, Ohio. Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 225′ x 27′, 296 tons. Boilers: Three boilers. Built by the Minnesota Packet Company, the WAR EAGLE operated mostly between Galena & St.Paul, and Dunleith & St.Paul. During a trip on the Tennessee River for the Union in 1862, she was attacked while wooding up … Read more

Greatest Naval Fleets in History

For centuries, the only way to get across the Earth was to embark on a long journey, ride a boat, and brave the high sea. But aside from serving as routes to get you from one place to another, the Earth’s ocean is also the place where so much conflict and violence … Read more

Famous War Ships

Famous War Ships

The following are the famous warships that sailed and ruled the seas from the 18th to 20th centuries. Essex-CV-9 When Essex CV-9 arrived, it marked the beginning of American dominance in naval air power during the Second World War. The lead ship of the Essex class, she was commissioned in December 1942. … Read more