Top Sailing Yacht Charters in Turkey

Whether you’re heading up for Göcek or Marmaris or Fethiye or Bodrum, you need to charter a yacht. At this point, you may think you’ll find some local tourist guy to help you with this and find the best one available there right now. Well, you can go that way. But, why … Read more

How to Avoid Seasickness on A Boat?

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Seasickness while sailing can convert the relaxing boat trip into a miserable experience. You don’t want to ruin your boat trip. Your dream cruise would become a nightmare if the motion of the ship is causing you seasickness. It is the result of a complex physiological reaction to motion. When the information … Read more

What are the Major Types of Boats?

What are the Major Types of Boats

A boat is a watercraft that is specifically designed for sailing in near-shore areas and inland waterways like lakes and rivers. What makes it different from a ship is its smaller size and lesser carrying capacity. According to history, boats have been used for transportation since pre-historic times and the oldest known … Read more

Introduction to Yachting

Introduction to Yachting

Yachting is a pleasurable sport and recreation usually among the wealthy. It also has a wealth of interesting information and historical tidbits! Meanwhile, if you are looking for a reliable wireless control system for your boat, contact Nautical Marine Network Pty Ltd.  The history of yachting goes as far as the ancient Egyptian … Read more

Famous Yachting Destinations

Famous Yachting Destinations

Are you planning to yacht on your next vacation? Yachting is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. It also helps boost your stamina, decrease anxiety, promote alertness, and improve your cardiovascular and emotional health. Yachts have different types, including sailing, motor, gulet, sports, and luxury yachts. Sailing yachts are wind-propelled by their sails, … Read more