5 Must-Have Safety Equipments For Your Boat

The thalassophiles will totally agree with this – boating is not just some activity, it’s what we call a way of life. After all, for those whose life significantly revolves around the waves and the oceans, boating is nothing but their whole existence. And come on – there is no denying just how cool and breathtaking of an experience it is!

Being close to aquatic life and witnessing the wonders of nature – what more could one possibly ask for? Well, safety? Ugh yes! A recent survey revealed that in the year 2019 aloof, a staggering total of 613 people died as a result of boating mishaps and accidents! Horrific, isn’t it?

Well, that’s probably because a lot of boating enthusiasts are unaware of the must-have safety equipment for a safe and sound boating journey. But trust me, knowing this is important. You never know when this one seemingly minuscule ignorance may end up costing you something as invaluable as your life. So, here’s presenting you with a list of 5 must-have safety equipment for your boat. Pay attention:

1. PFDs and Life Jackets are a must

Here’s the first and arguably the most crucial thing to carry for a boating trip. For a moment, let’s assume you happen to go for your first-ever boat ride, absolutely unaware of how scary the situation gets there. The cherry on the cake? You don’t know how to swim either.

Now, if there comes a point where you have to jump into the river and swim to save your life, in the absence of a PFD or a Life Jacket, it will become a big fat impossibility. And believe me, you’d never want to land in one such situation.

So, irrespective of the fact whether you’re a pro swimmer or not, a Life Jacket and PFD are the first and the foremost boating essential which you must carry.

2. Boating is never safe without a Bilge Pump

“Bilge Pump? What on earth are those?” Chances are, this will be your natural reaction to hearing the term called ‘Bilge Pump’ if you have never ridden a boat in life. So, here’s your daily dose of knowledge – bilge pumps are devices that are used for eliminating the water on the boat, which got in as a result of some leak in the interiors of the vessel.

Needless to explain, they are largely important because they remove the water from inside of the boat, which if left unchecked, can even lead to the risk of the boat eventually sinking! Check Best Bilge Pumps For Boating and choose the best one for your boat!

3. Sound Signaling Devices are yet another essential

If you are out there sailing on the oceans and accidentally happen to get stuck there in a certainly unfavorable situation like Pi from ‘Life of Pi’, don’t make the mistake that he made. Always carry life-saving devices like the Sound Signaling device with you.

You will be shocked to find out just how miraculously these devices sometimes save people from life-threatening situations at the sea, by sending sound waves and drawing help.

So, if the weather conditions make it unlikely for the rescuers to locate you at the time of crisis, a Sound Signaling device will always prove to be immensely helpful.

4. Don’t miss out on those Visual Signaling Devices

Again, a very, very judiciously important device! Out there in the oceans, you never know when the conditions may take a 360-degree turn. It doesn’t take long for a storm to arrive and the situation to become severely perilous. So, you’d never want to rely on a single life-saving device.

Hence, always carry a Visual Signaling device too for sending your SOS call through visual signals like smoke and flares of different colors!

5. Flashlights are very important

Lastly, it is very important to carry a flashlight with yourself when you are about to leave for your boat journey. Why? Well, the nights are extremely dark out there in the oceans and it becomes very tough to navigate the way through.

Hence, carrying a flashlight ensures that you never have to face this problem while boating.

Over to you…

Boating is an amazing activity. But you can enjoy it only when you are safe. Here, we listed 5 must-have safety equipment for your boat. This guide is sure to help you.