Installing a Marine GPS on Your Boat

a senior man steering a yacht on a sunny day while looking at the GPS

The Global Positioning System, aka GPS, is a satellite-based navigation system created by the United States Department of Defense for military applications—but most of us know them as the navigation system used by our cars and phones. Whether it’s the GPS in your car, your phone, or marine GPS units for boats, … Read more

Best Speakers for Time on a Pontoon

people on a pontoon boat in the middle of the water

Among the most significant benefits of owning a pontoon boat is the ability to convert it into a party boat. There’s plenty of room on the large open deck and plenty of seating to install marine-grade audio equipment so you can get the party started, or perhaps you want a little bit … Read more

A Guide to Buying a Boat: The Process Explained

A Guide to Buying a Boat: The Process Explained

Have you ever wondered how to buy a boat? If so, you’re not alone! Buying a boat is thrilling and exciting for many people. However, if you go into the experience without any knowledge, it can be a chaotic and stressful experience. If you have never purchased a boat before, you need … Read more

Heating Your Boat In The Winter Without Burning It Down

Heating Your Boat In The Winter Without Burning It Down

Cabin heaters can keep you toasty in the cabin and warm up your next boat party even on the coldest of nights. Let’s have a look at some of the most common ways to remain warm on the water all winter long. Marine air heater kits Marine air heater kits will keep … Read more

Famous Boats in History

Famous Boats

Ships have always played an essential role in human civilization. This article highlights ten of the best and most distinctive historical ships. Shipping was formerly the only way to convey products and supplies throughout the planet. During wars, ships were also a crucial component of approaches, tactics, and strategies. Every ship in … Read more

Foods to Take on Boat

Foods to Take on Boat

Whether you’re arranging boat parties, brunch, or a romantic trip, don’t overlook the joy that incredible and perfectly made food brings to an already excellent boating trip. We’ve compiled a list of snack and food options for any boating event. If you intend on grilling, inspect all equipment before using them. Hotdogs … Read more

Nautical Trivia and Fun Facts

Nautical Trivia and Fun Facts

Are you a skilled sailor seeking some intriguing and fun insights to share with fellow sailors on your next nautical expedition? Or are you a newbie to sailing who wants to learn more about this exciting water sport?  Whether you previously knew all of these interesting nautical and boat facts or had … Read more

While Boating, Sun Hats Are a Wise Choice

Cruising on a lake

Having a good hat when you are on a boat or out on the sea is very important. It helps you enjoy your time in the sun and be safe while you do it as well.  If you plan to spend any amount of time in the sea or on a boat, … Read more

Is Yacht Rock Songs About Yachts?

Yacht in the middle of sea

Yacht rock is an old genre of music that emerged in the 70s and was one of the most commercially successful genres of that time. Yet, its popularity has failed to define this genre fully, and a concise definition for yacht rock does not exist. Most listeners agree that yacht rock has … Read more

Flatboats – Their Use in the Past

A flatboat passing a long cigar-shaped keelboat on the Ohio River

A flatboat is unlike any boat that you see these days. This kind of boat was very popular back in the day when people used it to transport freight and passengers. It has a unique shape as the button is rectangular and flat. These flatboats existed in various different sizes. However, their … Read more