Basszone Fish Lip Grip Review: Quick solution for fish escaping

When you’re fishing out there in a lake or in the river, you may catch a big boy with your lure or bait. Well, catching your desired fish is pretty tough. But when you caught it and you have it in your hand, suddenly it manages to escape because you can’t hold it tight as you don’t have a lip gripper for fish, that feeling is pathetic.

To help you get rid of this issue, many brands came up with their own style of fish lip grip. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the basszone fish lip grip. We’ll try to cover everything including its building material, features, and specs. Let’s get started!

Basszone Fish Lip Grip

The basszone fish lip grip is a product of the brand basszone and it’s pretty great. It comes up with a high-quality machine-cut aluminum material that makes the lip grip pretty hard and durable. This lip grip is also light as it weighs only 280 gm. Lading and releasing fish with this fish lip grip is pretty easier because of its light construction and design.

Losing your hardest catch is a real headache and this lip grip makes your headache fade away with its simple features. Let’s take a look at its features to learn more.


Lightweight construction

It comes up with high-quality cut aluminum that makes the lip grip pretty durable and long-lasting. Besides, the weight of this fish lip grip is awesome. It weighs only 280 gm. With this fish lip grip, you can hold the big boys easily. The weight limitation for this is 12 kg. but you can reach up to 16 kgs if handled carefully.

Superior grip

Holding the lip grip is a tough job to deal with. You need a high-quality grip to ensure that you’re not missing the grip. That’s why this one comes up with a superior EVA grip that gives you comfort while you’re holding the lip grip.

Great weight scale

The biggest feature of the basszone fish lip grip is its weight scale. This weight scale is awesome and you can measure the weight of your catch instantly if you’re using the basszone. You just need to hang the fish there and it’ll measure the weight of your catch.

The thing you must remember is, it measures weight with kg measurement. You’ll get everything in kg while weighing your catch.

One way cam

The one-way cam is pretty awesome. It ensures that your catch is getting a solid hook while you’re holding it. After catching the fish, there are chances of it escaping, but with the one-way cam, you can easily stop it from escaping easily. You can hold the fish for hours.


So, these are the main features of the basszone fish lip grip. If you’re on the market searching for the best fish lip grip and you’re a little short on the budget, you can go for this one. There are other high-quality premium brands as well. They make good quality fish lip grips like Shimano and goture.

Overall, this fish lip grip is a good choice for your money.