Benefits of Taking a Smartphone on Your Next Boat Cruiseacac

Even moderate smartphones possess thousands of times the computing power of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Thus, it’s no surprise that they’ve found their way into every aspect of sailing. Many use their smartphones to acquire weather and tide information while on the water. But they can also be used for a variety of other purposes. You have two alternatives for using your cell phone on your cruise: either connect to the ship’s cellular service or connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi. You’ll have to pay extra for both.

“I think most boat owners want the same online experience that they have at home and in the office, on their boat,” says Paul Sumpner of Digital Yacht. “It is incredible how dependent we have all become, in such a short space of time, on the internet.” It is also important to note that aside from that, there are several ways to make money while living a life of travel on a boat. We have listed some of the benefits of sailing with your smartphone.

Working Remotely From a Sailboat

Working your regular job from home has grown even more accessible in recent months, as businesses have realized it is doable. You can work in your beach shorts on a sailboat just as you can work in your PJs from your living room.

On-line Project Based Work

You can find millions of possibilities on the Internet if you can write, edit, design, program, transcribe, or research. To obtain a notion of online projects, go to sites like Clients publish jobs they want to be completed on this platform, and you can bid on them. If you win, you must complete the tasks before receiving payment.

Wi-Fi Service to Use Your Phone on Ships

You likely know that instead of using a cell signal, you can hook your phone up to Wi-Fi and use the Wi-Fi service to make calls, send texts, and surf the web. Some apps like WhatsApp also let you make calls, chat, and even chat via video. You can do the same thing on a cruise ship. Today’s cruise ships all come equipped with Wi-Fi, but there is a charge for passengers to use it. For example, Carnival offers three levels of service — Social ($8 per day), Value ($12 per day), and Premium ($17 per day) — which all offer different speeds and access.

You can connect to the internet as if you were at home using Wi-Fi. Making calls from within communication apps such as WhatsApp, texting, and surfing the web are examples of what this entails. You can connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi and use your phone normally, just like you would at home. Keep in mind that any calls you make must be made through Wi-Fi; otherwise, calls made over the ship’s cellular service would be considered international roaming calls. Having the internet is one of the essential items you need to live on a boat.

Streaming Online Games

While at sea and with good internet access you never get to miss your favorite team playing or any exciting derby coming up. This also makes it possible for you to enjoy online sports betting around the world. You can not only support your favorite team but also bet on them and also enjoy the best of bonuses and promotional offers. Most of the sites offer various payment options so you can rest assured of an enjoyable session while sailing.

Consultancy – on the sea

Again, if you have a set of skills that allow you to consult, you have the option of starting an online consultancy firm. It’s not rocket science to start an online service providing you have a skill set and are willing to share your experience.

Charting and Navigation

There are many marine navigation apps for boaters out there. They give you all the same planning tools as a top-line multifunction display (MFD) from the likes of Raymarine or B&G. Naturally, you’re better off doing this on a data-enabled tablet than a phone, simply because of the screen size, but the system is the same in either case.