Famous Yachting Destinations

Are you planning to yacht on your next vacation? Yachting is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. It also helps boost your stamina, decrease anxiety, promote alertness, and improve your cardiovascular and emotional health.

Yachts have different types, including sailing, motor, gulet, sports, and luxury yachts. Sailing yachts are wind-propelled by their sails, whereas motor yachts have one or more motors. On the other hand, gulet or hybrid yachts have both motors and sails. Mega luxury yachts have richly decorated interiors and superb amenities, like saunas, infinity pools, and helicopter decks.

Yachting is your best option if you want to appreciate the vast blue wasters, the beauty of islands, and coastal towns. Enjoy the luxury amenities and unique sailing experience with the help of a reputable private yacht charter in the Caribbean or any famous yachting destination you desire.

All-inclusive yacht charters have a set rate, including fuel, food, drinks, accommodation for all guests, and entertainment like water sports, fishing, and diving with all the necessary equipment.

The charter fee for luxury yachts covers the yacht rental, the crew, and the yacht’s insurance. So, now that you know how you can kickstart your yachting journey, it’s time to plan your vacation and where you plan to go.

For both yachting enthusiasts and tourists, here are the best yachting spots where the billionaires of the world mostly gather.

The Côte d’Azur surrounds Monaco and the French Riviera, both tourist attractions and magnets of the billionaires who live to while their day away at the casinos and trendy boutiques. After sailing past the antique castles that dot the city, travelers can make a stop to treat themselves to an exquisite dinner.

Ibiza is of course is a world-famous Spanish party town which is a magnet for the younger crowd who loves to dance all night as well as the rich and famous. Some celebrities have been seen hanging out in Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse yacht.

The Ionian Islands stretch from Corfu to Zakynthos. Its idyllic charm and easygoing ambiance has made the islands a favorite of a lot of sailors for many decades.

St. Maarten in the Netherlands is also a favorite hangout of the billionaire yacht lovers. The Isle de Sol is regarded as one of the prestigious mega yacht clubs ont he planet.

If you have been to Marina de Capri in Capri, Italy, you might have also have done some star-gazing at the likes of George Clooney and Jay-Z. You might have also spotted record mogul David Geffen as well as his two megayachts, the Pelorus and Rising Sun.

This small former fishing village has turned into a place for the elite (especially the yachting elite), as it can accommodate a maximum of only 14 megayachts. If you’re lucky to be admitted there, you might spot A-list celebs and tycoons such as Rihanna and Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko, as well as his 390-square foot megayacht.

The Port de Saint Tropez is located not too far away from Cannes and the Grand Prix. It is home to one of the most exclusive beaches in the world, La Voile Rouge. During the summer the marina, with only 30 slipways, is almost always occupied so remember to make a reservation.

Monaco is known for anything luxurious and royal. There are very few year-round residents there, making Monaco a little crowded when it’s in peak season due to the annual events like the Grand Prix. Therefore, it is great to stay on your own megayacht during these peak seasons.

Although there are a several marinas round this little Italian island, check out the Porto Cervo if you want to feel a little exclusive, and of course if you own a megayacht. Check out the Billion nightclub, a three-storey hangout which offers spectacular coastal views.

Only 20 miles away from Saint Martin, Anguilla’s is a quiet beach by day but it unleashes out its wild party mode at night. Revel at its white sands and sign up for the glass-bottom boat tours.

The Whitsunday Islands are scattered across the Great Barrier Reef, providing a perfect place to do a lot of water activities from sailing to snorkeling.  You can also just chill and have a great time playing mobileslotsites and other great options.

Split is a beach town in Croatia boasting beautiful coast lines with gorgeous sights of the terrain that falls uphill from the ocean. Not only does Split have a number of restaurants, nightclubs and marinas, it also offers cultural tourism spots and parks.

Bay of Islands in New Zealand is a perfect spot for a more exotic tropical getaway. Its beaches are unique and wildlife is intact and varied. Swim alongside dolphins, fish for blue marlins, or just watch the penguins and the whales from far away as you relax.

A popular tourist destination, the British Virgin Islands prides on its chalky white sands, shimmering blue waters, lush forests, and incomparable sunset views. The capital, Tortola, has everything to offer, from stunning beaches to ancient ruins, vibrant nightlife and active yacht clubs.

Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades Islands are a dream destination for those who want to explore the ancient Greek ruins, or are interested in Greek mythology. Cars are nowhere in sight in the islands as they are not permitted, but buses and taxis provide transportation to tourists. If you have days to spare to thoroughly explore the richness and beauty of the islands, the best way to do it is to sail around them on a yacht.