How Casinos Keep Players Coming Back: Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are one of the most common perks you can get by joining a good online casino. They attract a lot of players and give every one of them a reason to keep coming back. But how exactly does this work? What’s so attractive about loyalty programs that people become such loyal and regular players? 

This article will answer those questions, tell you how you can use loyalty programs to your advantage, and give you ideas on where to find the best ones.

Loyalty Programs & Their Types

As you may already know, loyalty programs are designed to reward players regularly and give them perks that they otherwise wouldn’t get. Since a lot of these privileges are based on logging in often, you might even lose your loyalty status if you don’t visit a casino for a long while.

Not every loyalty scheme functions the same way, though. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • Loyalty points: In this system, you collect points by playing and wagering. You can later exchange these points for real cash, bonuses, and merch from the casino shop (depending on the casino).
  • Quests: A casino may give you missions that you need to complete on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. With each completed quest, you get a reward. The missions can range from something simple like completing your profile with your personal details to playing certain games a specific number of times.
  • Statuses: One of the most common and popular structures of loyalty programs is tiers or statuses. As you play, you advance and get new ranks. Each new status unlocks new benefits that are better than the previous ones. This can be combined with loyalty programs to create the impression that you’re playing a video game.

You can learn more about loyalty programs here:

What’s in It for You?

To keep you coming back, casinos have to offer some pretty exciting and worthwhile rewards. The specifics depend on the loyalty program, of course, but there are some general perks you can expect almost anywhere.

Recurring Bonuses

The most obvious way casinos keep players coming back is with recurring bonuses. The fact is that you will get offers more often if you’re a part of a loyalty program. This is because casinos know that bonuses are one of the main reasons people enjoy online gaming in general.

And when you’re guaranteed a bonus with each completed mission, with every new level, or with enough loyalty points— you’re much more likely to stick around and keep playing. Most often, these bonuses are either match offers or cashbacks.

Some casinos are taking this further by offering personalised bonuses to their players. Essentially, most online casinos track what games you play the most often. Then they use this information to give you a bonus that’s perfectly suited to your playing style. So you no longer have to put up with useless offers for Poker if you’re a slot player, for example. 

Exclusive Game Access

The higher you are on the VIP ladder, the more likely it is you’ll gain exclusive access to games. VIP rooms and tables in the live casino are just one example of this. Only top-tier players can enter these rooms and take advantage of the high limits and special features.

On top of that, VIPs are usually the first to test out new games that the casino introduces. This type of exclusivity can make someone feel valued, adding to the appeal of being a VIP and keeping players interested.

The Best Support

Have you ever needed assistance in a casino but couldn’t get hold of an agent? Well, when you have a high status in the loyalty program, this is never an issue because you have a personal account manager. It’s this person’s job to be available for all your questions, anticipate your needs, and make sure you’re having fun.

Why wouldn’t you want to keep playing at a casino that treats you that well?

Better Conditions for Playing

Let’s face it, getting your winnings is the most exciting part of playing in an online casino. The biggest issue people face here is that there are monthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily withdrawal limits that you need to respect. So, if you’re having an especially lucky day or week, you may have to wait to withdraw because you’ve already met the limit.

But when you join a loyalty program, you’ll often find out that those limits aren’t for everyone. Those who have a special status in the casino will also have higher withdrawal limits. The most valued players may not even have limits at all, making every withdrawal fast and easy.

And this isn’t the only way casinos improve the playing conditions of their loyal players. Lower wagering requirements, higher betting limits, and higher winning caps can all be part of the deal. This allows VIPs to come up with more complex strategies and keep more of what they win. Since it’s a perk that you come by only in casinos with more developed loyalty programs, it’s likely to keep you around for a long time.

The Psychological Aspect

A more enjoyable casino experience is just a practical way for casinos to keep players coming back with loyalty programs. There’s also a psychological aspect that we can’t ignore. Our brains respond to rewards by releasing dopamine. This happy hormone puts you in a good mood and motivates you to keep playing, especially when you know the next reward is coming soon.

And on top of that, loyalty programs can make you feel valued and special. We all like feeling this way, so, naturally, people are more likely to regularly play at casinos where these feelings are constantly present.

Tips to Avoid Common Loyalty Program Pitfalls

When we lay out all of the perks and psychological background of why people like loyalty programs, you can see how easy it is to get swept away in all those rewards and good feelings. That can lead to some common pitfalls like exceeding your budget, forgetting about your strategy, and feeling like you can’t lose.

Don’t worry, though, there are some things you can do to avoid these mistakes and keep gambling fun for a long time.

Work on Your Budget Continually

When you start playing, you’ll usually come up with a budget that you’ll want to stick to. As you gain more experience and get more bonuses, you may find yourself stepping over your budget more often than not. Even though you may feel like it’s not a big deal and that your perks allow you to be more risky, it’s important to stay true to yourself.

If you feel like your playing style has changed, it’s fine to revise the budget and make it more in line with your current experience level. You don’t need to feel like you’re sacrificing having fun, but remember that the line is thin between adjusting your budget and getting completely off track.

That’s why we recommend using responsible gambling tools for your whole gaming journey. Setting deposit, wager, and time limits will give you a more objective look at how you’re playing. As well as that, these tools can make it easier not to get carried away and keep you in line with your goals. They can also help you determine when it’s time to raise or lower your playing budget.

Find Quality Programs

Almost every casino on the market today has a loyalty program. That doesn’t mean that you should register with the first one that you find. Instead, spend some time doing research and see what you can actually expect from the program and how hard it is to get quality rewards. This will help you get the most out of your experience and avoid spending money at casinos that don’t offer much value.

Some have very strict playing conditions that they mask behind enticing loyalty perks, others make you wager too much before they give you a subpar bonus, for example. To avoid falling into these traps, make sure to read casino reviews that break down the loyalty schemes. Find genuine player reviews too, as this will help you see what value others like you saw in the casino in question.

It’s easy to fall in love with flashy rewards or well-thought-out ads, but remember that you’re interested in the long-term value a casino and its loyalty program have for you.


To summarise, casinos keep you coming back with recurring bonuses and better playing conditions. The exclusivity of most loyalty programs also plays a part in why people are drawn to them so much. But if you keep your eye on your long-term goals and only sign up for quality programs, you can leverage them and have an unforgettable experience. Remember to keep in line with your budget and shop around for casinos— you’ll be just fine!