The end of summer brings an end to many boating activities in readiness to endure the harsh winter. Storing your boat in good condition throughout winter ensures an easy transition once the boating season returns. More is involved in the proper boat storage than just dragging it from the water and hauling it away to a boat storage room. Proper storage maintains its appeal, boosts its lifespan, and reduces the chances of incurring hefty repair costs from damages during storage.

Before you haul your boat into boat storage in Boise, here are some ways to ensure it maintains its good condition during the winter months.

Clean it thoroughly

You have a couple of months before you can use your boat so take time to clean it well. Please focus on the inside, outside, hardware, etc. Giving the exterior a fresh wax is advisable to protect it from weather elements. This is also the time to check for any cracks, blistering, or damages on your boat before putting it away for winter. Drain all the internal water for winter storage.

Change the engine oil.

Before you store your boat, change the engine oil and the oil filters on the inboard engines, stern drive, and outboards. Changing the oil is very important because it prevents water and acid from corroding the engine. Also, remember to use the appropriate oil for your boat.

Flush out the cooling system

Flush out the cooling system to get rid of dirt, debris, and salt, especially if you have been boat riding in the sea or ocean. That further prevents corrosion. If you live in an extremely cold climate, run antifreeze through the system to prevent any damages.

Protect the engine 

Fogging oil is suitable for protecting the engine during the coming winter months. Switch on the engine, then spray the fogging oil into the air, intakes as it runs.

Take care of the fuel system.

Before you store your boat, ensure you top up the fuel tank to prevent condensation, which leads to corrosion. Check the fuel filter at the end of the boating system and change it also. If your boat doesn’t have a fuel stabilizer, it is best to add one.

Disconnect the battery

You should not allow your boat battery to die off during winter. Remove it and top it up with distilled water. Ensure you run it from time to time during the season to ensure it maintains its good condition.


Lubricate the mechanical parts of your boat, including the steering wheel, before storing it. Check the small parts and lubricate them as well to protect them during the cold season.

Secure everything

Remove all removable items from the boat, including gadgets. Take home everything that is not tied as an integral part of the boat system to protect against theft and prevent the items from mold growth or damage in subzero temperatures. Then secure everything else on the boats to ensure they can withstand high winds.

Cover your boat

Use a cover to protect your boat from dust as it sits through the storage period. Whether you use indoor or outdoor storage for your boat, ensure it is protected against the harsh winter elements. Ensure the storage facility is secure for your boat.