How to Safely Hitch Your Boat

Although many people assume all that you need when trailering a boat is by coupling the trailer to the vehicle but in actual fact, making sure you are using the correct type of vehicle proves vital. Lots of vehicles don’t allow for trailer towing. Before buying a vehicle make sure it is strong enough to trailer a watercraft. Some trucks on the market are designed to pull a certain weight. So, if you have a truck that pulls 7,000 pounds, and with the weight of the boat and trailer combined is 8,000 pounds you will not be able to tow it. A pickup truck can be handy, but make sure to check out the Gross Vehicle Weight of the truck before you purchase it, or check out truck rental guides for men.

What Safety Precautions Do I Need To Hitch A Boat Safely?

It is important that you use a proper hitch designed to pull a trailer. There are specific designs for certain types of trailers. 

You must disconnect the trailer’s wiring before you move the boat trailer down to load the boat. It is common that people break a light because of cold water touching a warm bulb. After you have connected the trailer it is vital to rewire the wiring before driving to make sure all the lights are working.

You must make sure that you don’t exceed the trailer weight rating. This can prove to be very dangerous, especially when driving down hills because of the extra weight. 

Make sure the weight is balanced properly when loading the boat onto the trailer. 

Make sure all the straps are secured on the trailer before driving the vehicle.

Before driving, check all the mirrors are adjusted properly in the vehicle. Getting side view mirrors installed on the vehicle can be very useful. 

Check that the lights on the boat trailer are working.

Be sure to check that all the tires, on the trailer and on the vehicle are inflated properly and are in top condition. If you are worried make sure to replace the tire.

Make sure that you drive slowly as you’ll be carrying a lot more weight. If you drive fast and need to break suddenly you are at a high risk of having an accident. 

What is GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight?

Gross Vehicle Weight is a term that is used for the maximum amount of weight your vehicle can handle safely. The Gross Vehicle Rating is the weight of the cargo, the passengers and the vehicle together. It is vital that you understand the GVW before attaching a trailer and a boat to your vehicle. 

When Will I Need To Change The Tires On A Trailer?

It is important that you pay close attention to the tires on the trailer. Most trailer tire companies advise trailer owners to replace the tires with new ones every 5 to 6 years. However many trailer owners need to change their tires more frequently if they take long journeys with their trailer, especially if they are carrying a heavy watercraft on it. Tire pressure for tires on a boat trailer is often the maximum rated tire pressure. It is common that the pressure is somewhere between 60 to 65 psi. Making sure your tires in good condition and the pressure of the tire is correct is vital to towing a trailer and a boat safely. 

What Type Of Lights Should My Trailer Have?

On the market there are two different types of taillights and side marker lights to pick from. Traditionally there were only conventional, incandescent bulbs but more recently there is a wide range of LED lights available to purchase. Conventional lights are cheap to buy and they are easily found online or in a store. LED lights have a decent life span and they stay cool when exposed to heat. However, they have some problems. Because LED lights are sealed units, when a light goes out you have to change the whole unit. However, most of them are very safe to use and are often very bright. They tend to cost a lot more in comparison to conventional lights, but recent figures show due to their high demand the cost price is falling. They seem to be getting much more popular nowadays with trailer owners. There are lots of different types of LED lights on the market today including LED front markers, side markers, outline markers, fog lights, number plate lights, reverse lights, indicator lights, interior lights and there is a wide range of led kits.