Interesting Facts about Sail Boats



Here in this article, we explore about the more interesting and fun facts about sailboats and sailing. And you can also visit the following to find out the best casino australia.

A sailboat has two primary sails: a mainsail and a headsail or jib. When the wind blows from behind an additional sail can be used call the  spinnaker

Do you know that girls as young as 16 years old have circumnavigated the world all by themselves? Jessica Watson from Australia and Laura Dekker from Holland both sailed in 2009 and were also both 16 years old when they completed their own sea voyages.

Watson became the youngest person to circumnavigate the Southern Hemisphere unassisted. Dekker, on the other hand, became the youngest person to complete a solo voyage around the world, with stops.

Abby Sunderland of the USA was also 16 when she attempted to become the youngest person to sail around the world solo. But her boat was caught in a bad weather while sailing in the Indian Ocean, damaging its masts.

The Guinness Book of World Records has discontinued recognizing attempts of the youngest sailors to circumnavigate the world. This is to discourage kids from making such dangerous pursuits. Meanwhile, if you are looking for legit and trusted high roller casinos, visit the given link.

popular boats are also the smallest

The small, singlehanded boats proved to be the most commercially popular. The 14-foot Laser dinghy is one of the popular small sailing boats. Over 200,000 units have been produced and are registered in over 122 countries. Families enjoy the Laser in particular because they find it easy to rig and to transport.

The Optimist is also a popular sailing boat. This 8-foot dinghy is also used for competitive racing for the younger, budding sailors, apart from being used for recreational sailing.

The biggest and most expensive sailboat ever is the Eos. Launched in Bremen, Germany in 2006, the sailboat cost about $150 million dollars and it took three years to complete. It was used to be owned entertainment tycoon Barry Diller.

As of 2012, the fastest-sailing speed ever yet on record is 65.45 knots (or over 75 mph). Paul Larsen of Australia broke the record with his own specially-designed sailboat Vestas Sailrocket 2 on Walvis Bay, Namibia on November 24, 2012.

If you want to know about sailboats and sailing, you should know these little nautical terms to start with. The left side of the sailboat is called a “port” and the right side is called a “starboard.”

mast holds up the sail

The “mast” is the tall, vertical pole that supports the sail or sails. The “boom” is the horizontal lower part to which the base of the sail is attached. The “gooseneck” is the joint that attaches the boom to the mast.

The “halyard” or “halliard” is the rope which you use to hoist a sail. Yes, it’s like the same thing you use when you raise a flag on a flagpole.

The sails of a boat

The “jib” is the triangular sail, while the “Genoa” is a large jib that overlaps the mainsail, and the “spinnaker” is a special kind of sail (often colorful) used for downwind sailing.

different types of boats for sailors

For sailors who want only a day sailing, they should use a daysailer. It usually has no sleeping accommodations, but there are some daysailers that have them if you just want to take a nap.

A cruiser boat is a medium to a large-sized boat, with sleeping quarters and other accommodations like a restroom and a cabin. Recreational sailors may want to stay on the cruiser boat for days.

For those who crave action and speed, a racer boat should be for them.

In the doldrums

“In the doldrums” is an idiom used to describe someone as being down, depressed or stagnated. Its origins are nautical — the “doldrums” refers to the part of the equator where the prevailing winds are calm. The lack of strong winds leads to the boat being stranded in the middle of the ocean.

The city of Annapolis, Maryland is often referred to as the “sailing capital” not only in the United States but even the world.

Sailing has been an Olympic discipline since 1896, where the first Olympic sports was held in Athens, Greece. It was scheduled as the first Olympic program at that time, but due to very bad weather, it was called off. It used to be called as “yachting” until 2000 when the sport was re-named as “sailing.”