The coolest water sports in Thailand to enjoy

For adrenalin junkies and water sports lovers here are some thrilling things to explore. Thailand is the perfect place to be! Those who are afraid of water and can’t swim don’t have to worry because they are also other things to do. All the water sports that are mentioned below, turn you into a water mermaid, even if you are not at first. From jet skiing to parasailing, there is something for everybody on the list, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert.

Scuba Diving – Explore the sea world

Scuba diving is the most popular water sport in Thailand. The country offers an unforgettable experience for divers, and you can find one of the best spots in Pattaya. On your dive, you will see whale sharks, manta rays, and leopard sharks. You will dive into crystal clear waters, swim around corals and be a part of underwater life. The ideal time to visit is on the east coast (Koh Tao) all year, more exciting and stunning is the west coast (Phuket, Surin Islands, Hin Muang, etc.) where the perfect time is between December and April.

Koh Tao is one of the favourite scuba diving places for tourists. Its sea world offers coral reefs, sunken ships, and massive pinnacles. It is also a great place for first-time divers with over 70 diving schools. They are cheap too; you can get your open water certification for $350 or less.

A day trip to dive costs around 3000 Baht, but also is different per supplier and depends on the number of equipment too.


Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, and Thailand are known for the best “surfing hotspots” worldwide. All countries, except Thailand, got famed for surfing over several years but Thailand is new in that category. Surfing became a trend in the 90s and developed. Earlier surfers had the impression, that the islands with the gentle waves were ideal for swimming, but not for surfing. If you look on the other side, the places that face the Andaman Sea can block southern waves, which makes surfing a tremendous experience. Kata Beach is known as the most famous surfing hotspot in Phuket. There is also a huge surfing culture where you can find surf schools, surf bars, surf parks, and rental shops. There is a surf contest sponsored by Quicksilver every year which takes place in September during surfing season. Surfing is nowadays a huge part of Thai cultures such as other sports that go back into histories like Muay Thai and football. The most well-known is the national sport Muay Thai which is a form of kickboxing with the uses of eight points of contact instead of four like in western boxing. It’s one of the most exciting ones to watch live. Thai people are very proud of their sports culture. Sports betting seems to be complicated in Thailand since you must travel to nearby countries to set bets. Other options are more comfortable, easier, and safer like being a part of it online from home on diverse platforms like online gambling where you can bet on your favourite sports but if you just wanna relax on the boat you can enjoy different kinds of classic games such as poker by choosing one of the best online Thai casinos recommended by experts. However, you can find lots of exciting water sports and activities to do in Thailand.

Jet Skiing – The fast water sport

For a thrilling adventure, all you need is a jet ski. You don’t even have to swim, it’s like riding a mountain bike for tall man and one of the coolest water sports. Especially for solo travelers, it’s the perfect activity to get lost at sea but also with friends for a fun water race. Phuket and Pattaya are the most popular places for jet skiing. The ideal time to visit these places is from September to April. Renting a jet ski for thirty minutes costs 700 Baht.

Banana Boat – A group activity

Not everyone likes to do extreme sports all the time. For those who just want to have fun and a good time in the waters, banana boats are a great option! It’s one of the best things to do in Phuket and is exciting. The ideal time to visit is from September to April and costs 700 Baht for a group with six people for a half an hour fun ride.

Sailing – Take it slow and relax

This water activity is more of a relaxing one. Just imagine yourself on a small, wonderful yacht, exploring the ocean and watching the sunset with a view. Thailand offers so many opportunities, take a sailing trip and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze. It’s also a great experience for beginners who want to learn the sailing ABC. There is no ideal time for sailing, it takes place all year round. The ideal locations for it are Koh Phi Phi, Similan Islands, and Phang Nga Bay. A sailing day for two people starts from 2520 Baht in a HITIA 24. Bigger yachts can cost up to 19000 Baht.

Are you excited to try out all these water sports? These are not the only water activities that you can enjoy in Thailand, there are even more. Now that you already know the best hotspots for water sports, plan a trip and get ready for the beach. Life is always better at the beach!