Top Sailing Yacht Charters in Turkey

Whether you’re heading up for Göcek or Marmaris or Fethiye or Bodrum, you need to charter a yacht. At this point, you may think you’ll find some local tourist guy to help you with this and find the best one available there right now.

Well, you can go that way. But, why don’t you read this article and learn a lot about our top recommendations on Sailing Holiday in Turkey? In this article, we’ll try to share the top luxury yachts you can get in turkey to sail around and enjoy your vacation.

There are tons of options in the sailing market and choosing the best one in your budget is pretty tough. We’ll try to go through some most preferred options and we’ll brief them shortly to give you an idea about what they offer. This will help you decide which one you should go for.

The FX 38

The best and most recommended option for sailing on the Turkish coast is the FX 38. We know the fact of what makes your sailing a real trip and this is why we’re recommending this piece here. It’s pretty big and gives you everything.

It’s 38.2 meters and it comes up with 5 different cabins for the guests. However, 10 guests can fit in properly and comfortably. It comes up with a modern and sleek design to give you a premium feel. The deluxe rooms are just awesome for spending some quality time with your dudes.

Azul V

Some people prefer this one as well. However, we’re putting it as the second option for our recommendation. It’s quite big and it comes up with almost 50 meters body that’s huge. You usually don’t need this much space until you’re hitting the ocean with a big gang.

It has 6 luxury cabins and 12 guests can comfortably stay there. This big sea-hawk was crafted back in 1996 by CRN. It gives a rich and aesthetic look that makes your vacation more enjoyable.


Having a great design and a huge versatility, the yacht Harun can give you the comfort of sailing with its giant body. The size of this yacht is 38 meters which’s pretty suitable for private sailing. It comes up with 5 luxury cabins that give you great comfort while sailing with your friends or family.

10 guests are allowed in this yacht and you can get the most out of it. However, the pricing of this yacht is highly affordable. If you’re searching for this best all-around yacht to sail the Turkish coast that comes up with a lower price tag, you can go for this one undoubtedly.


So, these are the top 3 recommendations for sailing in turkey. If you’re willing to sail for your holiday or you’re pretty adventurous, you can choose any of these three yachts to sail with your friends and family. The pricing of these three is really awesome and super affordable.