Top Three Benefits of Indoor Temperature Control Units for Storage

Are you considering getting storage units with indoor temperature control?

The price drop of self-storage units in 2020 created many opportunities for consumers. Before you commit to a self-store unit, though, you need to know what options you have. One of the best options for self-storage is temperature control units.

Below are the top reasons to get self-storage space with temperature control. Continue to learn how temperature-controlled storage units can keep your items safer longer.

1. Temperature Control Units Protect Your Items From Humidity

Humidity is your primary enemy when you’re storing items. After all, humidity creates excess moisture in the air. It can lead to mold growth and degradation in your furniture and things.

With temperature-controlled storage units, you don’t need to worry about moisture. You also don’t need to jump through hoops to control or prevent too much humidity in the unit. These include using charcoal, vapor barriers, and desiccants to control humidity.

The self-storage unit already does all that work for you. It’s a splendid choice for costly, delicate, and irreplaceable items. For example, you can get a temperature control unit for boat storage.

2. It Allows You to Store Items in the Long Term

A temperature control unit offers not only extra storage space for your things. You extend the lifespan of a stored item when you use temperature control units. Sometimes, storing your things or furniture for too long can cause their ruin.

Instruments with wooden parts or bases are always at risk when placed in storage units. If you don’t put them in a temperature control unit, they may crack or split.

Some examples of these are musical instruments that are sensitive and can warp in damp environments. Now, how should you store musical instruments with wooden parts? Keep them in environments with 40-60% humidity and temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. The Consistent Indoor Environment Prevents Damage to Stored Items

You ensure proper storage when you place them in a consistent indoor environment. These items need a stable environment for good storage. It keeps excess moisture, cold, and heat from damaging them.

An excellent example is storing wood furniture and boats. Although the wood in these items is often very sturdy and durable, it’s also sensitive. The wood can crack or develop dry rot without a stable and proper environment.

Moisture and humidity shouldn’t be your only worries. Bugs and pests can also affect your stored items. However, many temperature-controlled storage units are secure enough to keep bugs out.

Get the Most Out of Your Temperature Controlled Storage Units 

Now, you know why you need to get temperature-controlled storage units for boats, wood-based items, and more. These are the best self-storage units if you want to ensure the longevity of the stored items. However, remember that you also need to do your part in proper storage.

We hope this guide helped you learn something helpful about temperature control units. Do you want to keep reading other guides on boats? See our other guides to find more content on boats and boating.