Useful tips to make your boat trip unique

Boat crossings are undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures of existence. The image of a boat silhouetted against the horizon, floating gently in the infinite blue of the ocean, is an integral part of the collective imagination, and is directly linked to the idea of freedom, an extreme freedom with no limits. All this has even more value nowadays, in an extremely complex era in which the concept of freedom seems to be suddenly back in fashion. All those who have had to give up their travels due to the health emergency in the last two years have spent long hours meditating on all possible means to regain their lost freedom, even through a solo trip to an extremely remote area of the planet. During the long weeks of lockdowns, when people could not even leave their homes to see their friends, many people closed their eyes and imagined themselves aboard a sailboat or a yacht, engaged in an exciting ocean crossing or a less complex journey around a particular maritime area. When one thinks of freedom, the juxtaposition with the world of boating and boats is perfectly natural. Contact Sailing Chania to experience an unforgettable private sailing trip to the best places in Chania.

Travel with a new spirit

As restrictions due to the Coronavirus have been loosened, people have finally begun to travel again, even venturing into complicated explorations outside of their own continent. For boat owners, the resumption of international tourism mostly means getting back aboard their hulls with a completely renewed spirit, more eager than ever to measure up to the adrenaline rush of travel and the silent power of maritime nature.

Once the boat has put out to sea, that phase of the journey begins in which we can concentrate carefully on everything that surrounds us, paying particular attention to the sea and its creatures, but also to the fauna and flora that we may encounter during the crossing. In fact, every boat trip represents a unique opportunity to brush up on our naturalist spirit, to appreciate the different birds that we will meet during the navigation, not to mention the marine fauna that we might see at any time. Armed with a notebook and a camera, whoever is on board a boat could write down the descriptions of all the animal species that you will encounter, accompanying them with a series of photographs taken in real time. All of this could represent a material of exceptional quality for your social media, or even for a travel blog, which would be updated every time you set out to sea.

The sacredness of boat trips

The boat trip  represents an exceptional experience, to be lived in total harmony with the boat, with the sea and with yourself, without thinking of anything else. It is a sacred moment in which one is confronted with one’s own ability to keep up with nature, and in which the final winner is almost never a foregone conclusion. For these reasons, every single crossing deserves to be remembered (and celebrated) with concrete evidence, such as a photographic documentation enriched by precious handwritten notes.

In order to take a break from your observations, you might consider taking a book on board, especially if you are fond of maritime or seafaring literature. In the fabulous adventurous saga written by Patrick O’Brian, set in the Napoleonic age and featuring a Royal Navy commander and the ship’s doctor (in the story the two are best friends), boat lovers will not only find a fantastic ally for their moments at sea, but also a lot of interesting ideas on naturalistic observations, especially on birdwatching, which is one of the main passions of Dr. Maturin (the doctor).

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The journey in search of fun will never end: regardless of the means by which it is accomplished, whether by boat or through a digital device, what matters is to always keep anchored to reality, to the present moment, so as to greatly appreciate every single moment of your research.