Water Activities To-Do in Fitzroy Island

Located right off the coast of Cairn, Fitzroy Island is an island paradise that tens of thousands of travelers should visit. With its clear blue waters and fine sand beaches right in the throes of the Great Barrier Reef, there is no end to the number of water activities that you can do during your stay on this paradise island. From exploring the deep waters to skimming the surface, all water activities in Fitzroy Island are the experiences of a lifetime. Keep reading for our top picks!

Scuba Diving

Fitzroy Island is a haven for aspiring divers. Not only do its waters offer a killer view, but the island also has a PADI-accredited centre for diving that’s perfect for beginners. Training is carried out by well-equipped, qualified dive instructors and the island also houses a dive pool that allows first-timers to practice before heading out into the deep blue sea.

After your training, the view down below is just as rewarding: an exotic plethora of fish, colourful coral, and a wide assortment of sea life. If diving during the day isn’t enough of a rush, the island also offers night dives which give you the opportunity to experience the ocean by moonlight.


Snorkelling is perhaps the most popular water activity on the island. It’s easy for beginners, accessible for those who don’t have the time to go through dive training, and safe because of the island’s inward-facing beaches.

The island’s snorkelling seascape also boasts one of the most beautiful views in the world: breathtaking coral formations, schools of fish marbling the ocean floor, and the sapphire-blue water rushing to meet the fine sand of the ocean floor.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking can be done by itself or in tandem with diving or snorkelling. This fun activity that’s perfect for couples, friends, and small groups allows adventurers to appreciate the view of the great barrier reef. It’s also ideal for explorers who want to look at the smaller, more intricate rock formations and islands that are inaccessible via bigger boats and snorkelling.

Fitzroy Island offers a number of options for Sea Kayaking. Those who are looking for a guided experience can opt for the Sea Kayaking Adventure Day Tour which runs for three hours with a number of stops, including Shark Fin Bay and Little Fitzroy Island. There is also an option for those who are a bit more confident with their kayaking skills–renting glass-bottom kayaks can range from $25 to $65, depending on duration.

Water Trampolining

Fitzroy Island’s famed ocean trampoline is set a ways away from the shore. It gives kids a fun chance to catch some air and see the view of the water from above. Parents can get some rest and relaxation on the shore while the kids have their fun–or they can choose to join in gain a unique perspective on the island.

Alternatively, the unoccupied trampoline is also an excellent place to sit and read a book during the quiet hours of the day, giving you your own private reading nook right on the water.


The waters which surround Fitzroy Island are teeming with sea life–although it is a Heritage conservation zone with strict fishing parameters, there are guided opportunities for fishing that allow visitors to fish while still upholding national guidelines.

Fishing is usually open from March to September–those interested in exploring the island’s fishing scene should make sure to visit during this window. A good alternative to this during off-seasons can be the Glass Bottom Boat Tour.

The Turtle Rehabilitation Center

Sea Turtles are some of Australia’s most famed and most protected species. A visit to Fitzroy Island’s Turtle Rehabilitation Center is a life-changing experience that caters to visitors’ humanitarian side.

The tour gives island-goers an opportunity to interact with the caretakers, scientists, and rescuers who contribute to nursing the turtles back to health. Although the rehabilitation centre visits are limited to the day time, it’s well worth taking the time to schedule a visit.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Fitzroy Island’s Glass Bottom Boat Tour is perfect for young kids, elderly visitors, and those who want to see the beauty of the ocean floor without having to swim or dive into the water. The guided tour is also an opportunity to learn about marine life, the types of coral, and the history of the island. Book this tour and seize the perfect bonding opportunity for families and friends.


Whether you choose to spend the day snorkelling on the waterfront, dive into the depths of the sea, or visit the turtles as they’re healed and nurtured, you can’t go wrong with Fitzroy Island’s wide variety of water activities. Experience the beautiful waters and marine life to their fullest by choosing the right packages for you. Plan the perfect vacation to suit your island paradise getaway and book the activity of your choice now.  And when your back at the hotel and ready to relax and chill be sure to check out หวย as a great option.