What to Do in Miami Beach?

If there is any place in the world that is as wild and rough as it is serene and quiet, it is none other than the beautiful and exotic Miami beach. If you have gotten lucky enough to get a chance to visit to this amazing location, there is no way you should let the chance of exploring it go waste.

No matter whether its work that has taken you to this place or you intention of exploration, just consider it a golden chance to live your best life during the days you’d be spending here. Remember, that no matter how much time you have, you can never fully explore a place unless you prepare beforehand for your visit. If you are soon to reach Miami beach, its best to start preparing for your visit right now. This is something this article can help you with.

So, pack your bags, get yourself a reservation in a safe and peaceful residential spot like the hotel Jasper Miami and simply get yourself ready for all the amazing Miami beach adventures as follows:

1. Broken Shaker

If you went to a city and did not submerge yourself in their wine and drinking culture, did you even go to that city?

Miami beach’s wine and drinking hobbies are surely a sight to enjoy and we cannot emphasize enough on how you need to get a taste of this unique drinking lifestyle. When it comes to truly enjoying the wine culture over there, Broken Shaker is the bar to go to. Thought a bit heavy on your pocket, a night spent over here will surely be a night you would remember forever.

Broken shaker is like an outdoor and indoor watering hole that brings the city’s drinking culture to life. With poolside seating and punch bowls that can be shared, as well as seasonal specialties that all taste equally good, this place is a must-visit.

You can literally order anything from the menu, and it would work like magic. Also, the pool is free for everyone. So, grab a cocktail and don’t hesitate to jump in.

2. LIV

Want to enjoy a night out with your friends and loved ones at a club, dancing your heart out and ordering as many drinks as you would like to? Well, LIV in Miami beach is the perfect spot for you then. It is one of the most famous South Beach clubs.

This beach-side club used to be an okay-ish spot back then and no one would suggest it to anyone ever. Thanks to its owners who decided to go for a million-dollar renovation in 2017 that changed the entire fate of this club.

The renovation added LED screens, better lights, and added most club-like aesthetics to the place. Adding the lights also did a benefit to fans of stars who would visit this place. People could easily spot Travis Scott, Skrillex, Justin Bieber, and more enjoying their court-time at the LIV.

If you are not sure what would be the best time to visit LIV, we suggest you plan your visit on the LIV’s famous Sunday night party often called the LIV on Sunday. This magical night is full of hustle, with at least 5 famous rappers performing live and so many amazing sights to enjoy.

3. Faena District

If you would rather enjoy your time at the Miami Beach amongst serene hotels and buildings filled with artistic pieces and elements, then this place is a must-visit. The district is a part of Miami’s famous Faena luxury hotels chain and is an architectural wonder in all possible ways.

Here, you can often catch a glimpse of Miami’s best public events and gatherings and art exhibitions that are stunning in all possible ways. If you are here, do not forget to visit the inner floor that it an architectural masterpiece. If you are into music and Jazz, you can also go to the Faena theatre. Here, you can enjoy some of the award-winning Jazz musicians from across the globe performing their magic live.

4. North Beach Bandshell

This is an open-air musical venue where you can enjoy your time on an amazing bench seating while the artists perform for you at their proscenium stage. The space is managed by Rhythm Foundation, and they make sure to add value to this place by bringing the world’s best Latin Jazz and rare music genre producers to perform live.

Oh, and how can we forget about string lights beauty that looks even more charming with the cool sea breeze passing across it. This one is definitely the most romantic place at Miami to enjoy a night with your partner.

5. Haulover Park

Want to enjoy a picnic with your friend and family at a serene and silent place? This is where you should go. This amazing park is full on natural sights with a tan-line free zone and dog-friendly rules and regulations.

The park is spread at 99-acres and there are some amazing green waterfront spaces with easy parking, access to beach, and more. You can also enjoy some amazing fast food after 5pm with so many food trucks coming over here to sell their delights. There are some nude beaches too and you’d surely enjoy you time here regardless of your age and interests.


So, these were some of the best things we think you can do at the Miami beach within a very short period of your stay. In case you are staying at this exotic location for more than a week, we suggest you find some more unique options as per your interests and then make a proper plan of when and how to do all these fun activities over here.

Also, please remember that no entertainment or fun or fun of any sort comes before your rest and health. So, only plan as many things as you think would be enough to do in the limited period of your stay over here.

All the best and enjoy your time to the fullest!