Why Are European Countries So Attractive for Tourists?

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world after the continent nation of Australia, despite this, Europe attracts over 50% of all of the world’s tourists with some of the most popular tourist destinations being Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Germany as well as the United Kingdom. It is not very obvious on the surface how such a small part of the Earth manages to be so popular, and in this article, we are going to be answering this very question, why are European countries so attractive for tourists?

Best Seaside Resorts in the World.

Europe is home to some of the best seaside resorts in the entire world, examples include the southern beaches of Frances, the many beaches of Italy, the Greek, Croatian seaside resorts as well as the much cheaper options of the Bulgarian beaches and Turkey’s Istanbul beaches. Furthermore, you have the seaside attractions in Barcelona such as Barceloneta Beach and Playa de Bogatell. They are located east of the city of Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast and is visited by millions of Barcelona locals as well as tourists from the rest of Spain and also foreign tourists.

What sets the beaches of Europe apart from the rest is that they are hosted by great hotels that service holidaymakers of all budget sizes, with the beaches being patrolled throughout the day by an army of professionally trained lifeguards with the beaches themselves being regularly cleaned in order to allow tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of these amazing European beaches.

A History That Has Influenced the World.

Europe has one of the richest histories in the world; this is in part due to the inhabitants of the European continent having a long history of writing which has helped preserve this history much better than other more primitive civilizations around the world. Furthermore, the Europeans throughout their history have frequently rebelled the powerful religious orders of the time as well as the frequent war that occurred on the European peninsula that led to major technological advancements that allowed the Europeans to later on from the 15th century to be to build their colonial empires.

This is why Europeans are so proud of their culture and history which is perfectly illustrated in the unique architecture found throughout this small continent such as the colorful housing found throughout the Iberian Peninsula, the mix between ancient architecture and modern that you can find in Rome and the traditional wooden design of the eastern French city of Strasbourg.

World-Renowned Landmarks.

Apart from that Europe is home to many of the world’s best-known landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in France which is a metal tower that was built in 1889 in just two years by its namesake designer and engineer Gustave Eiffel. Despite being well over one hundred years old, it remains the building with the highest observation deck that is open to the public to use in the entire European Union.

Furthermore, you have Big Ben, which is an iconic building in the busy central London Skyline; it is one of the biggest clock towers in the world as well as also being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the late 1980s. Moreover, there is the Berlin Wall who remains symbolizes the fall of communism in most of the world as well as the fall of the USSR.

Home to Hundreds of Different Nationalities.

You may be wondering why are European countries so attractive for tourists when it is such as small continent, despite this Europe is very densely populated for its size and is home to thousands of different cultures and nationalities throughout the entire content that will allow you to experience the thing that you have never had the chance to.

In Latin countries in Europe such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, and southern France there is a tradition known as the ‘siesta’ which is in Spanish means a short nap of a few hours that takes after lunch and early afternoon with the tradition being followed for hundreds of years due to the hot temperatures that are native to these countries and their regions during long periods during the year which made doing manual labor unbearable.

Life of the Party.

Don’t worry Europe does not just offer you the opportunity to explore old cities and take in their culture, it is also a major hub for various forms of entertainment as well as being home to some of the best nightclubs. Major musical artists from around the world are constantly touring all around Europe, sometimes doing hundreds of concerts at a time.

Therefore, if you ever happen to be in Europe you should take advantage of this and see what shows are taking place in the city that you are planning to visit beforehand so you can have the opportunity to buy some tickets at a favorable price rather than having to buy them from the inflated prices of re-sellers.

Apart from nightclubs and concert venues that can hold tens of thousands of people at a time, you also have more chilled forms of entertainment such as theaters and cinemas that allow you to relax in an air-conditioned auditorium and watch some of the local productions if you feel like it. You can learn more about this type of attraction on the LeoSystem.travel fascinating travel portal.

Heavenly Food

Without a doubt, you have eaten some kind of food in your life that is inspired or has originated in Europe at least once in your life and you may have not even known about it. One of the most popular such examples is pizza which is one of the most popular dishes in the entire world hailing originally from Italy and being popularized by Italian migrants in North American countries such as the United States and Canada. Many other cuisines that hail from Italy are also popular around the world such as pasta and lasagne.

Apart from that, you have the French baguette which is a type of bread that can be used in the form of a sandwich or can be eaten along with other meals, you have the halloumi cheese that has been made by Greek communities in Cyprus for hundreds of years and also the French Fries which despite their name were created in what is now modern-day Belgium.

State of the Art Infrastructure.

A further reason why are European countries so attractive to tourists is that Europe has some of the best transport systems in the world and as well as a lot of options to choose from.

Traveling throughout is not just fast but very affordable, in the majority of European countries, you are able to purchase tickets and top up your travel cards using cash and credit cards either at a serviced booth, a self-service machine, or online. Furthermore, a large number of the major transport systems in Europe such as Transport for London allow customers a full refund for any of the credit they have spent on their travel cards that they do not end up using during their stay in the city.