Why dockwalking is dead

Dockwalking has been around for as long as the yachting industry; however, there are better ways to secure your ideal crew job.

Dockwalking refers to the process of ‘walking the docks’ at large yacht shows while handing out your CV and seeking work with the berthed yachts. However, there are several reasons why it is no longer recommended. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant many ports have closed their doors to dockwalkers to provide a safer environment, while Brexit has meant that UK nationals now no longer have the right to employment in EU member states, making dockwalking potentially illegal.

Today there are more professional and standardised avenues to finding a yacht job. Working with a reputable yacht crew recruiter is the best way to find the right yacht job that matches your qualifications and experience. A professional yacht crew recruiter will always be happy to arrange a face-to-face meeting or video call to understand better your skillsets, qualifications, ambitions, and what you seek in your next crew role.

Keep reading to discover why working with a yacht crew recruiter is the best way to land your dream yacht crew job.

1. Access to the best yacht crew jobs

Yacht crew recruitment agencies have access to the best crew jobs. Boasting deep industry contacts with yacht captains, they will be able to advise of available jobs that fit your skill set and experience and then put you forward, arranging interview times. If a recruiter doesn’t have the right position, they will be able to keep your details on file and alert you as soon as a suitable role arises.

2. Contractual advice and guidance

Yacht crew recruiters boast deep industry insights and market intelligence. They will help guide you through any contract negotiations and help ensure you are fairly compensated.  This is paramount in a fast-moving industry with high demand for the best crew members.

3. CV polish

A well-written CV is of utmost importance when searching for the right yacht crew job. It should feature a professional in-focus headshot that reflects the presentable and smart image that crew should adhere to, it should be appropriately formatted, easy to read, and no more than two pages, and finally, it should include essential information, including qualifications and skills, previous roles, contact information, and primary objective. A yacht crew recruiter will be able to offer guidance on how you could improve your CV. Additionally, a yacht crew recruiter can help strengthen your interview skills, offering insights on the yacht and captain before the interview.

4. Feedback

Feedback is invaluable in a job search. If you have an interview, but don’t secure the job, feedback can help you understand why and put you in a better position for the next job interview. A yacht crewing agency will always be able to pass on feedback following an interview.

5. An ongoing relationship

You will benefit from an ongoing relationship when you work with the right yacht crew recruiter. When you are ready to move to your next role, a yacht crew recruitment agency will be best placed to help you.

So, next time you think about dockwalking, save yourself time, stress, and expense. Instead, contact an experienced yacht crew recruiter who will be happy to assist you in finding your dream superyacht job.