5 Black and White Bedroom Decor Ideas

What could be better than a classic combination of two colors that impress by their versatility? The Black and white palette is simple, yet powerful. It is easily combined with a great number of other tones and hues and is a fantastic base for different rooms. Such a combination of two opposite colors creates a dramatic effect, adding stylishness to any interior.

This scheme is a perfect solution for those who love different shapes and textures, natural elements, or something bright. Being a universal thing for most home styles, it remains trendy stealing the hearts of more and more people.

But when it comes to a bedroom, some might think the black and white color solution may seem dull or depressing. On the contrary – it creates a serene look that impresses you with simplicity and lets you focus on the most important things and objects.

In this article, we will give you some cool tips and ideas on how to create a cozy and atmospheric bedroom using these two colors. Get inspired by the following advice and let your space be transformed with the help of stylish color.

1. Paint the walls

It is a simple tip, but you have to be very precise in what you want to achieve. Painting the wall in all black may create a dramatic effect that is somewhat overwhelming. Still, black is considered to be a good color for the bedroom, as it is associated with night and helps you to fall asleep quicker. Having the white walls with the elements of black in the interior – decoration, furniture, carpet, or curtain, makes a room look airy, spacious, and fresh.

2. Wall decor is a nice choice

Artworks work best in setting the right atmosphere in the room. Art makes a bedroom unique and reflects the liking of the house owner. It can also create a wow-effect and make a nice focal point. For example, if you could just hang an oversized canvas depicting black and white wall art – no matter what the theme is – it would be a real attention-grabber.

You can choose from a great variety of cool modern depictions. Black and white photography would add some vogue, while contemporary world maps make the room look warmer and adventurous-like. Check some fantastic art here – https://texelprintart.com/collections/maps/world-maps/black-and-white-world-map – you will be amazed by the variety of styles and freshness of artistic vision.

3. Wallpapers

This is a good opportunity to create a long-lasting interior that will serve you for years. Cool idea is to have one accent wall and use some unique wallpapers with a pattern that corresponds to your house style.

If you have a lot of natural elements in your interior – stones, wood, fur – you could choose a forest print. Or you could stick to some elegant solution that looks classy and trendy.

And if you still want to make your place brighter and want to get an instant renovation, use an amazing black and white world map designed in a minimalist style. Awesome addition matching all styles. Tap this link to find out more.

4. Signs and more

Wooden signs and plaques may be helpful in creating cool interiors. Use quotes, credos, and sayings that lead you in your life. These could be minimalist images of animals, some important dates of events, symbols, or anything else your soul desires.

Or you could also think of having furniture, small elements – statuettes, rugs, and more – in an accent color. It may be black or white to keep a harmonic and tranquil vibe.

5. Gallery wall art

Canvases and prints come in handy as it is the easiest way to make your bedroom look both stylish and cool. Instead of hanging one large decor, you could create a gallery wall that consists of the different pictures and themes. Choose a perfect arrangement and create a nice accent wall. You could place your own photos made in a black&white style or just get some random b&w art printed.