Must Visit Places for Your One Day Agra Trip

Agra is a beautiful place with some very culturally and historically rich places that show off people’s artistic talent who were rulers of this city. The golden triangle of delhi, jaipur, and agra are famous because of this incredible city too.

This city has some fantastic monuments because the mughal empire made it their capital of administration and rule. You can find the monuments by their artists and rulers standing to this day. Other monuments also include a stepwell which is thirteen floors deep and has over three thousand steps.

Here, we will talk about some essential locations in this fantastic city and prepare you for your same day agra tour by car.

Taj Mahal

we all are well aware of the existence of this seventh wonder of this world. You can find this incredible monument residing beside the southern banks of the yamuna river.

Unesco made this fabulous place a world heritage site in 1983, which is a long time ago. It attracts about four million tourists on a global scale annually. Taj is the face of golden triangle tourism, and for very fair reasons. The monument also changes colors according to the time of the day, but that is a minor detail you can keep out of same day agra tour.

1. Taj Museum

Just six kilometers away from taj resides the taj museum near the agra cantonment railway station. You can easily reach while on the same day agra tour by car. It is one of the most famous museums in agra and resides on the ground floor of naubat khanna.

The monument itself is known as the jal mahal and resides within the taj complex. The museum got its establishment in 1982, just a year before the taj was made a world heritage location. The museum is extensive and consists of two floors, three galleries, and an enormous hall.

The museum also displays many exhibits concerning the construction of the taj and how the builders made it possible.

2. Agra Fort

If you go two kilometers from taj mahal on your same day agra tour, you will find the agra fort, also known as lal quila. The name red fort comes from its design which consists of reds sandstone that is exceptionally durable.

It is among the best places to visit in agra, and you will find people everywhere recommending you a visit. This location is also under unesco’s protection as it is a world heritage area.

The walls are so strong that they can handle several powerful cannons shots without even taking a scratch. The mughal made this whole structure, and it was the residence of several mughal emperors.

3. Buland Darwaza

Buland darwaza is a kilometer away from the fatehpur sikri railway station and serves as the jama masjid’s main entrance. Buland darwaza’s name translates to gate of magnificence, and akbar made it in the year 1576 ad to show off his victory over gujarat.

This structure is one of the best examples of great mughal architecture and consists of buff sandstone. You can also find a lot of black and white marble inside this structure. You have to climb forty-two steps to reach this gate, and it stands about forty-two meters tall.

It took over twelve years to construct this enormous structure to stand tall. Your same day agra tour by car might be short, but take time to admire this magnificence.

4. Jama Masjid

Jama masjid is one of india’s biggest mosques and shows off the dedication towards religion during the old times. This structure is about a kilometer away from fatehpur sikri railway station and is a world heritage site since 1986.

The jama masjid was made by akbar in 1571-1572 ad and is also known as the friday mosque. You have to cover your legs and shoulders while visiting this mosque. The tourists are not allowed inside during prayer hours.

The entry here is free for every tourist on the same day agra tour by car, but if you are taking pictures, you have to pay depending upon the region you come from.

5. Jodha Bai Palace

Jodha bai was a rajput princess who became a wife to mughal king akbar. She was his favorite wife, and he made this structure to complement her existence inside his city of fatehpur sikri. This structure is the largest complex in all of fatehpur sikri and shows off the combination of mughal and indian architectural styles.

Jodha had the allowance to worshiping hindu gods and goddesses inside her complex. You can see some distinct gujrati and rajasthani architectural styles inside this complex on the same day agra tour by car with a rectangular box with a single gateway, which was the guard room.

You can also find several hindu motifs such as hams, elephants, parrots, srivatsa mark, lotus, ghant mala, etc. The western suite, which serves as a temple, also has curtains and curvilinear patterns on the pillars.