Different Types of Power Boats

You may be surprised to find that there is more than just one or a couple of types of power boats. You will find many of them here in this gallery!


These boats are familiar on the coasts of the New England region. A Downeast Cruiser consists of a head, a dining area and cabins with berth. They are also called “lobster boats” because they are typically used for fishing, but can also be used for a pleasure cruise.

Dual Console Boat


These boats are called as such because they feature two dashboards and windshields. The bow area has ample space for fishing or just relaxing. Usually a dual-console boat is 16-30 feet long and they are ideal for all kinds of water activities, however, while a dual-console boat is very versatile, it isn’t specific in its job. They aren’t considered as the best fish boats or waterboarding boats but rather a fair choice.


The Express Fisherman is so called because they are designed for hasty off-shore fishing. While modern boats have enclosed cockpits, the Express Fisherman has a more traditional open cockpit and fish fighting areas towards the stern of the ship. It may lack cabin space but can provide shelter for overnight trips.


As the name implies, this boat is used for both fishing and skiing. They usually measure 16-24 feet long. It features a live well and tie downs for rows, ski lockers, and elevated and detachable tow bars. It can easily accommodate up to five persons but since this type has ample seating, it is often considered as a comfortable ride

high speed jet


Jet engines, as the name implies, give off a high-speed jet of water and are not only found on powerboats but also used in passenger ferry boats, submarines, police patrol, adventure tourism, surf rescue, luxury yachts and racing sports. Since high-speed jet boats have no external rotating parts, they are considered safe for marine life.

Multi species Boat


As the name suggests, these boats are designed for cruising and fishing many varieties of fish. These boats are usually 17-23 feet long and are made up of either fibreglass or aluminium. Ideally, multi-species boats are used for rough water travels and they are most suitable for fishing in all types of waters.


Pilothouse boats are designed to sail for rougher waters while keeping the steerer high and dry. These boats are propelled by outboards, stern drives or inboards, and are popular for fishing or cruising. They are powered by outboards, inboards and stern-drives. They consist of high head and berth and designed to cruising and fishing.

Power Catamaran


Known as the smoothest of all, Power catamarans are dual-hull boats that are mostly meant for offshore fishing. A lot of sailing and fishing enthusiasts choose power catamarans because they are faster but more stable as well as more fuel-efficient than most mono-hulls. Additionally, they have increase efficiency and have wave impact.


Bass boats are specially designed for bass fishing on lakes and inland rivers. They feature low free-board and a V-shaped hull, the length of bass boat ranges from 14 to 23 feet. They are either made up of aluminium or fibreglass, however, the aluminium boat is lighter, smaller and less expensive as compared to the ones made of fibreglass.

Bay Boat


Bay boats are designed to sail in shallow bays, any shallow waters or waters that are close to the shore. They have more freeboard compared to a flats board and are generally 18 to 24 feet long. Bay boats have a fiberglass body.

Center Console Boats


Center console boats are so named because their helm is on a console of a boat’s center. It has ample walking space and an open hull that allows the anglers to walk from bow to stern without having to go around the console. They measure 13 to 45 feet long and most suitable for offshore fishing.

Convertible Fishing Boat


Convertible fishing boats are perfect for fishing as well as for cruising, as they have cabins, galleys and berths, plus an ample fishing area aft. They are at least 35 feet long.


Cruisers have an enclosed head, cabins (inside the bow), galleys, and berths, which make them ideal for an overnight stay. Their size can reach up to 45 feet in length.


These boats have a small cabin for storage or a small seating area and are usually 22 to 30 feet long. Some cuddy cabin boats may also feature berths.


Deck boats feature much wider beam than many other types of boats as well as a V-shaped hull, open deck, and ample seating. They can be used for different purposes, e.g., as a party or family boat, for swimming and water sports. Deck boats can be propelled by an outboard or a stern drive and are designed with fibreglass or aluminium for brackish waters.