Gift Ideas for Boaters

Boaters, or people that take boating as a pastime, are arguably some of the most dedicated persons in their hobby. They would often go boating at least every day, and they would also keep their boat well maintained so that it would remain durable and beautiful. So, giving them a gift during their birthdays or during Christmas is relatively easy, as you would just need to give them something that is related to boating. However, if you don’t have any idea about boating items, then you may have difficulty finding the perfect gift for your boat-loving friend or family member. To help you decide on what to give to your loved one, here is a list of the best gift ideas for boaters.

Boat Cleaning Kit

Most boaters are obsessed with cleaning their beloved boats, which is why one of the best gifts that you can give them is a boat cleaning kit, which comes with a variety of cleaning liquids and tools that they can use to have an easier time making their boats shiny and pristine. The boat cleaning kit may include tools for washing and polishing, but there are also other brands that have items for waxing. What’s neat about the boat cleaning kit is that it may be the most affordable boating-related gift you can buy, so you don’t have to worry about shelling plenty of money for your gift.


It is usually during daytime when boaters go boating, so it would be great if you can give them a pair of sunglasses that will protect their eyes from the harsh sunlight, and also give them a better view of where he or she is sailing. There are many models and brands of sunglasses for you to choose from online, but the best glasses are the ones that can protect the wearer’s eyes from UV rays. Remember that not all types and shapes of sunglasses can fit or match well with the facial structure of your boating loved one, so make sure that you consult a local sunglasses expert in the store to know which shape and size would match well to the boater.

Sailing Boots

A boating day may not always be sunny, as there are chances that it may get rainy once the boater decides to sail. So, in order to protect them from slipping on a wet floor while it is raining, you can buy them a pair of sailing boots that have grippy outsoles so that the boater can have a more stable floor to stand on. In addition to being grippy, the best sailing boots are usually waterproof, so water won’t get inside the feet of the boater while he or she is sailing. Be sure to know the foot size of your boating friend or family member so that you will purchase the correct size.


Even though it may look old-school, a compass is still a reliable tool for boaters to have so that they can still know which direction they are sailing to if their phone with a built-in compass runs out of batteries. A digital compass can be a great gift to give your loved one, but that runs on the batteries as well. So, the best type of compass to give is the one that doesn’t require the use of batteries and can work on its own using the Earth’s natural magnetic fields.

Portable Waterproof Speaker

A good way to enhance the sailing experience for boaters is to listen to music while enjoying the outdoor view. So, another great gift to give for boaters is a portable waterproof speaker that is perfect for boating since it won’t get damaged if it gets soaked or dipped in water. Even during rainy days, the portable speaker will still work, so the boater can listen to music to lighten up the mood on a gloomy day. Besides being waterproof, most portable speakers are also dust-proof, so there is no chance that dust and dirt can get into the interior of the speakers and damage some parts.

Boat Fenders

A gift that is unusual for common people but greatly appreciated by boaters is a boat fender, which is typically used to prevent the ship from hitting the dock, which can sometimes cause irreparable damage to the boat or ship. These boat cushions can sometimes be bought in packs of five or seven so that all the sides or edges of the boat are protected. Make sure that you buy the shape and size that is suitable for your loved ones’ boat, so do a little bit of research on fenders or just consult your local boating store to find the right size.

Waterproof Bag

Not all items that boaters bring with them while sailing are waterproof, like a smartphone, a laptop, and other electronic devices. So, boaters often struggle in keeping these items dry, especially during rainy boating days. Luckily, there is an item you can give them that can protect these non-waterproof items while boating, and this item is called the waterproof bag. The waterproof bag can be used by boaters to store important items and belongings that should not touch water, like gadgets and objects that are made from paper (books and notepads). So, if they have a waterproof bag, they don’t have to worry about their personal belongings getting wet while they are on a boating session.

There are many more items that can serve as the perfect gift for boaters, but the boating items listed above are just some of the most common and the most useful out of all. You can combine these items and turn them into one gift so that your boating loved ones will truly appreciate what you’ve given them.