9 Tips for Staying Safe on a Cruise Tour

Cruising is one of the most comfortable and adventurous ways of traveling. Most of us love to go on cruise trips. Like all other vacations that happen on the land, it is essential to take a few steps while traveling on the sea to ensure the safety of the traveler and co-travelers.

Thus, here are some of the basic things to remember while traveling on a cruise. These tips might appear to be very simple, but most passengers tend to forget them when they go on these tours.

1. Drink Alcohol responsibly

Make sure to keep a check on the amount of Alcohol you consume while onboard. Alcohol is an essential contributing aspect of individual safety incidents on cruises. Do not cross your limits. You might be provided with plenty of alcohol options inside the cruise, and hence it is easy to get carried away. Also, irrespective of how drunk you are, it is not safe to accept the company of any stranger back to your cabin.

2. Make Friends

If you are alone on the cruise, try to make friends as soon as possible. Having a friend will ensure that you are not left unattended if there is any problem. Also, there are fewer chances for you to be a target while traveling in a pair than when alone. Try not to reveal that you are alone on the cruise, and avoid walking in the isolated areas alone during late night.

3. Try in-cabin safety

It doesn’t matter if you are a new cruise sailor or an old one. You will realize that not all cabins have doors that close themselves. Thus, learn how to close the door tightly with your hand. You can also opt to use a deadbolt if the door has it. Approach the Cabin stewards to ask for door stoppers. Some of these stoppers even come with built-in alarms.

4. Check your balcony

We all love to listen to the melancholy sound of the sea from the balcony while we lie down on our beds. But for your safety, don’t forget to lock the door of your balcony at night. Also, never leave the door open when you are not present in the room as this might give easy access to those responsible for cleaning windows and doing all the maintenance jobs.

5. Keep your belongings safely

Make sure to keep all your valuable belongings safely locked inside your closet. You can also choose to keep things like your mid-sized laptop, a tablet, cellphone, jewelry, watches, etc., inside the safe. Even though many cabin stewards are trustworthy yet it’s better not to take the risk. There is another option you can try, and that is leaving your belongings at home.

6. Try to know your steward

Try to build a rapport with the steward on the cruise. Start by asking his or her name and begin the conversation. This will be easier for you to approach the steward if you face any problems.

7. Never carry huge amounts of cash

There is no strong reason to carry a huge chunk of money on board. The transactions that need to be done on the ship can be done by using your card. While onshore tours, carry what you need, but don’t reveal it. And if you are bound to bring cash, try to have it in a money belt joined to your body.

8. Don’t take an offer to visit the quarters of the crew members

Visiting the quarters of the crew members is never a good idea. It can lead to an immediate expulsion for the crew, and you might be required to get down at the next port halt.

9. Be attentive during the muster drill

Before you set off for your vacation, you must try to be attentive to the muster drill. This is important as you will get to know where your muster station is, how to put on a life jacket, and the meaning of alarms. The majority of the passengers strive to listen carefully, but some don’t pay any attention.


There isn’t any doubt that cruises give you an exceptional experience in traveling, but that doesn’t mean that you can avoid using common sense. You have to extra alert on your cruise trip to stay safe and healthy. For more content, stay connected—comment below for any doubts.