How to Choose the Best Boat for Magnet Fishing

There are numerous types of boats you can choose from when looking for a magnet fishing watercraft. Whether you are thinking about buying a used or new boat, you need to consider several factors. When figuring out how to choose the best boat for magnet fishing, your budget and other factors are essential. In this guide, you will learn more about choosing the best vessel and how to make the right decision. Here are some tips that will help you pick a perfect boat for magnetic fishing.

Type of Boat

Different boats give different fishing experiences. Think about what you want to do with the bought to determine which type of vessel will best suit your needs. Depending on the activity you are carrying out, you may want a boat that sits in the water or can move around on a trailer.

A few of the types of boats that you can use for magnet fishing include:

  • Multipurpose boats: these are boats that can be used for catching fish, skiing, day cruising, and, most importantly, magnet fishing. They work perfectly well in both fresh and saltwater. You can use it for collecting metals in lakes, rivers, and inshore waters.
  • Walk around the boat: going for magnet fishing in the large lake or coastal waters? Consider a walk around the boat. In it, you can carry onboard, several other people. This is the best vessel when the weather is extreme.
  • Jon boat: this is a small-sized boat that you can use to fish magnet from places that are hard to reach in small rivers, lakes, and fishing ponds.
  • Center console fishing boat: commonly known as a fishing machine, a boat with exceptional power and features. This is the ideal vessel if you are going for magnet fishing in the freshwaters or rough offshore seawaters. A typical center console is about 26 feet long and has about three outboard motors.

Boat Size

The size of the boat you are going to use is an important factor in choosing the best boat for magnet fishing. An ideal boat should have enough room to accommodate your fishing crew, enough room for items that you will carry along, working, and resting when you get tired.

Since you are looking for a boat to go magnet fishing, you will need a big enough boat to store the magnet, ropes, transport box, toolbox, extra protective gear, and any other supplies you may have. If you are going to fish for metals from a river or a small lake, a small boat is enough. But in case you are going to the sea or a large lake, consider a reasonably big watercraft.

New or Pre-Owned

You have saved up some money, and you want to acquire a boat. So, what is it going to be, a new boat or a used one? If money is not a problem for you, purchasing a brand new boat has advantages. You will get a warranty. In case of any equipment faults, your manufacturer will be able to sort them out at no cost or entirely replace the vessel during the warranty period. However, new boats can be very expensive.

To save up a bit, and still get a good vessel, purchase a used fishing boat. Its price is reasonably lower than that of a new one. You stand to benefit if you purchase from an owner who has maintained the watercraft fully. If in doubt, you can have the boat checked before buying.

Whichever way you choose, remember cost does not end at purchasing. You will incur extra costs in maintenance, insurance, moorage, cleaning, gasoline, and winter storage.

If you cannot afford to buy either a new or pre-owned boat, several places offer rental boats for magnetic fishing. This is a good option too, provided you get the experience you want plus retrieve some metals from underwater.

Sailor Motor

While motorboats are easy to drive when fishing, sailing boats entirely rely on wind. The choice of which is better between the two depends on personal preferences. If you want to clean your pond slowly and quietly, try a sailing boat. You will most definitely need a motorboat with an inboard or outboard engine for a more exciting and family-friendly fishing escapade.


When choosing the best boat for magnet fishing, you need to think about where you will store it. Are you going to keep it docked at home or on a trailer? If you settled on a big vessel after size consideration, you will need a strong and large trailer. You may also need a truck to pull it. However, if the watercraft is too big, you may need to ask for professional help in moving the vessel.

Knowing how or where to store the boat is as important as knowing how much the storage services will cost. You will need to spend more on storage during the winter or not use the boat for a long period.

What Does the Boat Come with?

When buying a boat, especially new ones, ask the seller what comes included with the boat. Most fishing boats come with a list of equipment that comes with the boat. Sometimes, if you wish, you can take everything included in the package and pay more or take the boat only and do separate shopping for other equipment.

You will need extra equipment such as the magnet, rope, and bucket for finds for magnetic fishing. Other items you need include a brush, and a storage container for tools, grappling hook, and protective wear.

Final Words

Buying a boat for magnetic fishing is a big decision, that is why you need to know how to choose the right one. The simple guide above should make the whole buying process less difficult for you. When you take into consideration the factors above, you will get the best vessel.

With it, you will have an exciting experience in the lake collecting items such as fishing hooks, shovels, weapons, jewelry, bicycles, nails, and other metals that may have been stuck underwater.