5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Boat In California

Buying a boat is a significant life decision, and a dream come true for many. However, it can cost a great deal of money and have an impact on your life. You need to be adequately informed before making any decisions. For that reason, here are five things that you should consider before purchasing a small vessel.

Is Buying The Right Option For You?

Many people dream of buying a boat, and it usually sits on the water most of the time when they go for it after saving up for years. It would be best if you considered thinking about how much time you can give, whether you will be sailing once a month or once every few months. You might want to wait if you can’t take it out for a ride too often. Consider renting small vessels at the port every time you visit. If you can make enough time, then go for it.

New Or Used Condition

Now you need to think about whether to go for a new boat or used. A new one, although expensive, has many advantages, like insurance that can be used for repairs, that give you peace of mind. A used boat is much more affordable since they have already been depreciated. If you are going for a pre-owned one, make sure to get it thoroughly inspected before making the purchase.

What Size And Type Would Suit You?

You need to take certain factors into account that will help you decide what type of boat you should get. Think about where you will use it, an 18ft to 40ft should be great for lakes and rivers. If you want to stay on it overnight, then it needs to have cabins and other amenities. Also, think about the number of people that will board it at a time. Finally, think about the maintenance and additional associated costs.


You need to figure out how to pay for your dream vessel. Cash is the best option if you have been saving for some time, or money isn’t a problem. However, there are other methods to pay for a boat. You can get pre-approval from any bank or company in California before purchasing. You will typically be offered three different types of packages:

  1. Standard boat loan that has a fixed rate with 15 to 20 year-long terms.
  2. Short-term loans with fixed rates.
  3. Ninety days deferred payment.

Some may even offer variable, or customizable loan programs. Get any package that suits your needs from a reputable bank or company.

Legal Documents

After the 1st of January in 2019, every person that was 25 or less was required to have a boater’s license in California. After the 1st of January, 2020, 35-year-olds and people under 35 will also be obligated. Make sure to submit your California boater card application if you fit either one of these categories. You can enroll in any one of many training centers teach people all the necessary thing that is required to drive a boat.