Ships Used In The Civil War

Civil war organizes by a group fighting against the other country or region that aims to take control and change the policies by the government. People who join fight like this sometimes want to hear what they wish to force the person on the throne to make what they want to happen. It isn’t accessible to experience from people living near and around in the course of battle. And at the time, our ancestors used ships to sail to fight a war against other organizations.

Many regions obtained by war, and there are still few who want to control the government’s order until this day. The civil war fought for the moral issue of their slavery. It is to have their independence to their places. Many technologies have been discovered and made. But, using a ship gives more strength to maneuver against the wind and currents. It allows them to bring some heavy guns and other pieces of equipment for their battle. Different ships in the civil war used to fight against other guilds. Here is the list of the boats used in the civil war.

1. USS Cumberland

The USS Cumberland establishes as a 50-gun sailing frigate of the United States Navy. It is the first ship sunk by the ironclad CSS Virginia. The vessel was first launched on May 24, 1842, by Boston Navy Yard. And the first commander officer operating the ship is Captain Samuel Livingstone Breese. He takes his first service as flagship of the Mediterranean Squadron from 1843 up to 1845. The boat sailed around the Mediterranean, including the Port Mahon.

2. USS Cairo

This ship is the first American ironclad warship built at the beginning of the U.S Civil Army. Cairo is from the lead ship of the City-class gunboats that named Cairo, Illinois. It captured the Confederate garrison of Fort Pillow on the big river to work the Union forces to occupy Memphis in June 1862.

3. CSS Florida

During 1863, Florida terrorized Union shipping in the Atlantic and Caribbean in the first eight months, capturing 22 prizes. Florida then proceeded to Brest, France, where it underwent a lengthy refit. It is defeated England on March 22 in 1862, in the bound for Nassau in the Bahamas. To avoid something suspicious that it will construct other services, it planned to prevent loading the ship and bring enough equipment for the war.

4. H.L Hunley

It was formed and created in Mobile, Alabama, and its chief financial backer and name by Horace L. Hunley. It has less than 40  feet long and can hold up to nine crew members. On February 17, 1864, Lt. George Dixon sailed H.L. Hunley out of Charleston to attack USS Housatonic.

5. USS Miami

During the Civil War, it was the first ship with a side-wheel steamer, double-ender gunboat in the United States Navy. The Miami launch by the Philadelphia Navy Yard on November 16, 1861, and commissioned there on January 29, 1862, with the command of Lieutenant Abram Davis Harrell. They amplify some featured to have the power to mobilize. The coupled with the shallow draft made them a pattern for operating coastal between the sounds and shoal waters of the Confederacy.

6. USS Nantucket

It was launch in 1862 in Atlantic Iron Works, Boston, Massachusetts, and commissioned in 1863 by Captain Donald McNeil Fairfax in command. The U.S Navy creates more ships because of the success of the USS Monitor. Even the design improves, Nantucket and other Passiac-class monitors boats are destitute.

7. CSS Tennessee

Under the structure that began in 1862, the CSS Tennessee was not complete until 1864 because of not having enough materials to fight the battle. Like other association ironclads, Tennessee featured a huge armored fence for its guns known as casemate.

8. USS Wachusett

It served with a large steam sloop-of-war to the United States Navy during its American Civil War. It is expected of the ship used by the Union Navy for offshore blockading and intercepting partnership trade raiders. And after the war, Wachusett still served the Navy by protecting them to the American interest with the two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific, before it became decommissioned.

9. USS Hartford

The United States U.S Army-Navy named Hartford, the capital of Connecticut and the most famous ship in the Civil War. The USS Hartford served several significant campaigns in the American Civil War as the flagship under David G. Farragut, with most of the Battle of the Mobile Bay in 1864.