Should You Charter a Yacht or a Luxury Sailboat?

Technically speaking, a yacht is any sail or engine or motor powered sea vessel used for pleasure, cruising or racing. But many people make the distinction that any large private motor powered pleasure boat is a yacht and if it has a sail it is a luxury sailboat or sailing yacht.

Names aside, if you are interested in leasing either of these yachts you can contact that leases both of these beautiful types of boats on the lovely Mediterranean.

Overall, the popularity of leasing or buying both types of yachts is increasing every year. Here are a few differences between engine powered and sail powered luxury yachts.

Motor Powered Yachts.

Motor powered yachts are by far the most popular types of yachts purchased and leased.  In fact they make up over 90% of all the sales of yachts to consumers. In terms of leasing they hold a similar lead in popularity as well. Here are a few reasons why this is the case.

More Powerful – Motor powered yachts are by far more powerful than sailing yachts. In fact you can purchase nearly any size engine or have one custom created for your motor powered yacht. This translates into more speed on the water meaning that they can get to more places faster than sailing yachts.

Larger – The biggest yachts in the world are all motor powered. Part of this is due to the fact that they are so large that they can only be moved with motors. They also have much more deck space allowing for more recreational activities on board the ship. So if you are looking for the largest luxurious boats, the only option will be a motor powered yacht.

More Maneuverable – Motor powered yachts lead the way in the use of modern technology that allows them to navigate much better. As a result motor powered yachts can move along a narrow archipelago, coastline, or shallow areas that sailing yachts could never navigate.

Sail Powered Yachts

Sail powered yachts also have several benefits over motor powered yachts.

Beauty – Sail powered yachts have one enormous benefit over motor powered yachts and that is that they are the most beautiful, and captivating boats on the sea. There is nothing like seeing a beautiful large luxurious sail powered boat on the ocean. Motor powered yachts simply cannot compare.

A Great Ride – When the weather is perfect and the water is as well, the ride on a sailing yacht is incomparable. Watching the crew work to make the boat glide over the water is it unique and wondrous site. Additionally the ride is often described as flying on the ocean.

Hands On–A sail powered yacht allows experienced sailors to participate in operating the yacht. The best boats use the latest build techniques and technology to make them faster, more comfortable, and safer.

Peaceful – Without the roar of an engine, the only thing you hear is the sound of the ocean when you are on a sail powered yacht. As a result it is easier to find calm, and enjoy the ride.

Sailing yachts are cheaper to purchase but more expensive to hire a crew because, they will have to be more experienced and work harder during your journey. A reliable crewed yachts charter which offers excellent service like Isabella Yachts Phuket can help you make your tour truly remarkable.

In conclusion, either selection you make when you charter a yacht, will create an amazing experience at sea. If you choose to cruise the lovely Mediterranean, where the waters are typically very calm, either boat you pick you certainly meet your needs.