Steamboats 1880-84


Built: 1881, by Howard & Co., Jeffersonville, Indiana.
Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.
Size: 290′ x 48′ x 8′ 5″.
Engines: 26’s – 10 ft.
Boilers: Five boilers, each 44″ by 30 ft., four flues.
Paddlewheels: 38 ft. diameter, with 15 ft. buckets.

One of ten Anchor Line boats built between 1880-87 without any expense spared, the CITY of NEW ORLEANS was among a fleet of floating palaces, all of similar design, that ran in the New Orleans-St.Louis trade, servicing numerous cities and towns along the river. Like all Anchor Line boats, she was named for a city, and bore the anchor symbol between her stacks.

From 1885-91 her captain was A.J. Carter with Archie Woods, clerk. By 1896, A.S. Lightner had become captain, with J.W. Langlois as clerk. In May 1898, she was taken under her own steam to Harmar, Ohio, where she was dismantled at the Knox Boat Yard. Much of her machinery went to the CITY of PITTSBURG.


More boats to be added …