Steamboats 1890-94


Built: 1890, by Howard & Co., Jeffersonville, Indiana.
Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.
Size: 285′ x 44′ 5″ x  9′ 5″.
Engines: 26’s – 10 ft.

Boilers: Five boilers.
Paddlewheels: 26 ft. diameter.
Capacity: 200 passengers, 2,100 tons.

Built for the Anchor Line, the CITY of HICKMAN had 38 staterooms and 72 berths and cost $66,000 (one source estimates her cost at $90,000-$105,000). On her maiden trip in 1890 her crew was Captain Horace Bixby, master; Henry Partee and Lew Moon, pilots; John Hermann, clerk; Lee Carver, chief engineer; John Carroll, steward, and William Mc Clatchey, mate. On 26 August, 1896, she sank in the chute at Island 40, 12 miles above Memphis, Tennessee, while carrying forty passengers and 1,500 tons of freight. Her machinery was salvaged and was used in the CITY of CINCINNATI.

She attended the wreck of the CITY of BATON ROUGE, captained by Horace Bixby, on 12 December, 1890. A first-hand account from on board the CITY of HICKMAN was recorded by Walter Blair, steamboat pilot.


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