The best tips for getting around Miami

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The American Dream reaches its epitome in magical places like Miami. An extraordinary summer destination, got annually by American and international tourists, particularly interesting also for Italians. Although the Italian coasts offer a prestigious bathing offer, catapulting to the States means immersing yourself fully in a culture that is entirely different from theirs, allowing us to broaden our horizons.

Miami stands out for its wealth in the newspaper and tourist offers. The Magic City, however, is not just beaches and promenades along the promenade among the characteristic palm trees. Neighborhoods such as Coral Gables, Little Havana, and Downtown Miami represent a very original cross-section of the place, in which ethnic diversity allows you to discover environments that are decidedly alien to the tourist realities of the Bel Paese.

Traveling to Miami, like any other part of the United States, can be a bit spooky. Even the most experienced travelers, in fact, in moving to another continent, may encounter some difficulties. For this reason, we have compiled a practical guide to getting around Miami and Miami Beach.

The best choice for getting around Miami quickly and without incurring any unexpected events is to rent a car. With such a vehicle, it will be possible to tour the territory. Its neighboring areas, without any problem, also have the opportunity to take a more comprehensive tour of Florida, leaving the city without worries about the return method.

Another very convenient solution, at least at the beginning when you arrive at the airport, is represented by the taxi or Uber, which is ideal when you have a lot of luggage and do not want to risk crowding into public transport. In general, the price per zone remains affordable. However, it is still limiting in the long run, especially when you want to move a lot.

Here it is appropriate, then, to make a small note on the shared shuttles, with a remarkably affordable price. These vehicles offer personalized services free from waiting for accessible taxis in the area. In addition, the shuttles allow, with different costs, to reach the areas where the accommodation facilities are located.

Public transport

To keep costs down, without contacting car rental companies or taxi services, it will be possible to move around Miami with the city’s efficient public transport. Although the elevated trains, buses, trams, and water taxis work well, they do not allow you to reach certain areas easily. The elevated monorails, however, are entirely free and available from 5 am to midnight.

Buses connect the city well, but traffic could be a nuisance when traveling aboard them. At the same time, the tram offers a more “typical” transport experience. Finally, we mention the water taxis, not exactly affordable, which connect the various sea areas that make Miami a flagship of international beach tourism.

How to get around Miami from the sea: the yacht

Those who don’t mind expenses want an exclusive experience when they go on vacation, especially in such places. For this reason, we rely on luxury yacht charter services in Miami and throughout Florida more often to make your stay in the United States genuinely memorable. Some companies offer unique hospitality to make every moment special thanks to term or daily rentals and offer luxury services even to those who want to keep costs down. State-of-the-art boats, maximum privacy, and resort-style dining services will allow tourists to enjoy the best beaches and the most beautiful sunsets aboard them.