Useful Ideas for Floating Keychains

There are many ways to keep your belongings safe when you’re heading out and enjoying the waters. Floating keychains are designed to float at the surface of the water and support several pounds of weight. Floating keychains are made in different shapes, sizes, and designs to give you a wide selection. Since it’s an accessory, you probably want it to be as customized to you as possible.

Learn some ideas on how to use floating keychains and why you’d want to choose customized ones here.

Uses and Benefits of Floating Keychains

A floating keychain, or a key floater keychain, can easily fit into your pocket. It is made of soft and colorful EVA form that allows it to float instead of sinking in the bottom of the ocean, river, or pool. It has different benefits and advantages:

1. Keeps boat keys from getting lost in the water

When you’re boating, losing your boat key in the water can mean disaster. This is true if you’re out to go to the water and you cannot start your boat. Losing a boat key can cost you hundreds of dollars, leave you stranded, and make you wait for hours to days to replace. An inexpensive floating keychain can save you all these troubles.

It’s not just for boaters, though. Floating keychains are also for anyone who spends a lot of time near the water, including surfers, zookeepers, and even sewer workers.

If you’re one of those people who has lost a key overboard, you will surely understand the importance of using floating keychains.

2. Offers versatility and variety of designs

The designs of floating keychains are very versatile. Floating keychains can be made in virtually any design shape, and it can be made of simple foam, vinyl-coated, or plastic coated, depending on the image you want to portray.

Many feature nautical designs, sports designs, or holiday-inspired designs. There are many designs and shapes available on the market, and it can be hard to choose one.

If you want to choose a customized design, you can have your own personal message or graphic displayed on them. It can be as simple as your name, contact details so your keys can be returned to you, or have your company name and contact details displayed on them.

3. Can keep your waterproof bag and other belongings safe

Bringing a waterproof bag on your boating or water adventure? You can keep your bag full of valuables safe, even if it floats on the surface accidentally if you attach some floating keychains to your bag. It’s incredibly useful for activities like wakeboarding, kayaking, rowing, sailing, canoeing, tubing, or when at a water park.

4. Can be used as a promotional item

Aside from being a useful and indispensable floating accessory to protect your keys and small valuables, custom floating keychains can be used as an advertising aid or employee incentives. You can put your logo on it in order to create a promotional product to draw the attention of potential customers. Many companies use floating keychains to print the company logo and message on the floating foam. The fact that it floats is a major perk and is an excellent gift for hotel owners, boat owners, boat dealers, water sports coaches, and so on.

5. Can be an inexpensive form of advertising

Fortunately, it’s a cheap form of advertising that can resonate with a large number of people. It’s one of the most cost-effective solutions for advertising, plus they are easy to transport, distribute, and give away to people. It’s also possible to buy floating keychains in bulk or have them customized in bulk to help reduce individual costs and increase the number of potential customers you can reach.

6. An affordable gift or giveaway option

If you’re getting married at the beach or celebrating a birthday and you’re looking for a cheap yet useful giveaway, you can opt for floating keychains. Everybody uses keys, plus it’s valuable if they go to places near the water. You can customize it with your wedding monogram or name so guests can remember your special day. If you want, you can simply customize a design or a quote that everyone would like so the keychain won’t look outdated as they use it.

7. An appealing keychain option

Floating keychains, especially those that are customized or in a unique design , can appeal to a large number of people. Though it best benefits boat owners, other people would like the convenience of the keychain and the ease in which it helps them locate specific keys.