Yellowfin Yachts is a boat manufacturing company. The company was founded in the year 1998 with a goal to create the best fishing yacht at that time. Currently, the CEO of Yellowfin Yachts is Wylie Nagler, and the company is based in Bradenton, Florida.

Yellowfin yachts take full pride in their creations as it is built with top-notch quality materials that withstand the harshest environment. The brand is one of the best boat manufacturing brands of today.

The company collaborates with other well-known brands like Simrad and Yamaha to produce outstanding boats.

Types of Boats available

Yellowfin Yachts offers 12 types of boats that you can choose from. Some of them are-

1. 17 Skiff

This boat is a light rowing boat ideal for a single person or a small crew. Despite the small size of the boat, it is built with great quality and has a sleek design. It makes use of the same principles while creating an offshore product.

17 skiff is covered in kevlar (a heat resistant synthetic fiber) to provide durability while poling. It is also extremely stable even in harsh conditions.

With this boat, you will have the best time while fishing or simply enjoying the fresh breeze of the sea.


– The weight of 17 skiff is 600 lbs.

– It is 17’4” long.

– The fuel capacity is 22 Gallons.

– It has a single outboard power of 115 HP max.

– The loaded draft is 6” and the beam is 80”.

2. 21 Hybrid

It is one of the best inshore boats available in the market.

21 Hybrid is a fast and smooth boat that can help you withstand any condition. It has amazing fuel economy, acceleration, and top end.

It is called 21 Hybrid because it uses the performance and energy of 24 Bay with layouts of traditional flatboats. This enables 21 Hybrid to be one of the best in the market.


– It weighs a total of 2,525 lbs.

– The boat is 21’9” long.

– 21 Hybrid has a fuel capacity of 50 gallons.

– It has a single outboard power of 350 HP max.

– The loaded draft is 13” and the beam is 7’9”.

3. 24 Bay

24 Bay is one of the most well-known Yellowfin boats. It is known for its efficiency, speed, and smoothness.

The layout of this boat is suitable for both tournaments and family anglers.

Another amazing quality of 24 Bay is that it is customizable. This means you can customize your 24 Bay; however, you like it to fit your ambiance.


– The weight of the boat is 3,050 lbs.

– 24 Bay is 24’10” long lengthwise.

– It has a fuel capacity of 72 gallons.

– The draft is 14” and the beam is 8’6”.

– The power is 400 Hp max.

4. 26 Hybrid

One of the best boats with hybrid design – 26 Hybrid combines features of the best Yellowfin offshore boats.

The boat is ideal for all kinds of fishing purposes, and it serves well.

26 Hybrid is also customizable so that you can make your 26 Hybrid fully unique.


– The weight of the boat is 5000 lbs

– The boat is 26′ long.

– 26 Hybrid has a fuel capacity of 118 gallons.

– The draft is 16′, and the beam is 8’8”.

– There are two power options – single or twin outboard.

5. 29 Offshore

29 Offshore is a tad smaller in comparison to other offshore boats of Yellowfin. However, it is still built using the same principles. It has great storage and a spacious livewells.

It is an amazing boat that serves its purpose well. Though it is a little smaller yet its power is unmatched.

The agility of the boat makes it sturdy to face any weather conditions. It is also customizable.


– The weight of 29 Offshore is 7,400 lbs.

– It is 30’11”

– The fuel capacity of 29 Offshore is

– The loaded draft is 18” and the beam is 9’6”.

– It has a twin power outboard of 800 Hp max.

6. 32 Offshore

32 Offshore is one of the fastest offshore boats of Yellowfin. The agility and performance of this boat make it a favorite among many fishermen.

It is spacious and suitable for both family and tournament anglers.

32 Offshore is totally customizable.


– It weighs 8,200 lbs.

– The length of

32 Offshore is 32’6”.

– It has a fuel capacity of 332 gallons.

– The beam is 9’9”.

– The power of 32 Offshore is a twin outboard (800 Hp max).

7. 36 Offshore

36 Offshore is one of the most sought- after fishing boats in the US. Its sleek, agile, and beautiful performance makes it an ideal choice for people who loves to fish.

The boat is created in such a way that it is able to provide a smooth ride despite windy conditions.

Its twin and triple power outboards provide the speed that no other boats of the same class can come close. It is unmatchable.

36 Offshore can also be customized to provide a unique and personal touch to it.


– The weight of this boat is 9500 lbs.

– It is 36’8” long.

– The beam is 10′.

– The fuel capacity of 36 Offshore is 477 gallons.

– It has a twin or triple outboard power.