Brisbane Yamaha Voted Best Quintrex Boat Dealer in Brisbane

Most boat owners and enthusiasts would agree that the boats made by Quintrex are some of the best boats made in terms of quality and durability. Because of their reputation and popularity, Quintrex boats are highly sought-after, this is why it could be difficult to find one in brand new or pristine condition.

Those who are living in Brisbane, Australia are pretty lucky, as they have a boat dealer located in that area that is considered the best Quintrex dealer in Australia. The renowned company is called Brisbane Yamaha, and they sell a variety of boat brands and models, but their most popular boats are, of course, the Quintrex. To see how the company or its website,, is able to hold their status as the best Quintrex boat dealer in the country, we should have a look at their highly-rated services and offers. You can find the best quintrex renegade for sale here.

About Brisbane Yamaha

Often called “The Home of Quintrex Boats,” Brisbane Yamaha is situated in Burpengary, which is to the north of Brisbane, and has been selling Quintrex boats since their founding. They currently offer the biggest range of Quintrex boats, as other companies would only carry three to five models of the brand.

Besides Quintrex, Brisbane Yamaha also sells Yamaha outboards, Yellowfin boats, Baysport boats, and Polycraft boats. For these brands, Brisbane Yamaha provides discounted packages and deals that will save you money as you buy a model from their shop. If you are unable to choose which boat you would like to buy, the store will have several boat specialists that will help you decide on the right boat by giving you advice and tips about various models. While helping you pick a model, the boat specialists will also inform you about the deals and promos that are running for that day.

In addition, Brisbane Yamaha has a large service centre wherein you can bring the boat to the store, and they will immediately inspect and repair its damage on the spot. We will get into more details about their service centre later, but for now, let us discuss the Quintrex boats that they are selling.

They Are Selling a Variety of Quintrex Boats

As mentioned before, Brisbane Yamaha is selling almost every Quintrex model available in Australia, and there are so many models that you won’t be able to look at all of them in a single day. If you don’t have enough time to check out the Quintrex boats in their shop, you may want to visit their website first and click on the Quintrex button on the menu.

On their Quintrex web page, you will be able to see the best-selling Quintrex boats, and you can click on the images of these models to redirect you to the details and specifications of the model’s range. Once you’ve clicked at the image, you will be led to a page that shows all the models for the specific range, and at the bottom of each model image is the name of the boat and a table that indicates the model’s price, length, and the year when it was manufactured.

At the bottom of these tables are the Enquire and the View buttons. If you’ve clicked the Enquire button, you will be asked to input your name, phone number, and email address, and if you have a message that you would like them to see, the website also left a message box at the bottom of your phone number. After filling up the Enquire form, an employee of Brisbane Yamaha will contact you about the model you’ve enquired about. From there, the contact will inform you about specifications and prices for the model, and he or she would also present promos for the boat if there are any.

If you’ve chosen to click the View button, then you will be directed to a page that tells you the detailed specs, the items or accessories included, and the price of the model. After looking at the details of the boat, you may then click the Contact Us button at the right side of the page and input your name, phone number, email, and enquiry before clicking the “Get a Quote Now” button.

This easy-to-shop and easy-to-enquire features found in the Brisbane Yamaha website made the company the fastest and most reliable boat dealer in the country, as the customer will quickly learn more about the models that they are potentially buying without even going to the store.

A Dedicated Boat Service Centre

Brisbane Yamaha is an authorized service centre for Yamaha boats and other brands such as Suzuki, Mercury, Evinrude, Honda, and Mariner. The Brisbane Yamaha service centre has a drive-thru drop-off where you can stay in your car while the repairmen and boat specialists are working on your boat.

While you are just relaxing inside your vehicle, the repairmen will inspect every nook and cranny of your boat and see if there are other damages that you have not specified to them. There is a total of ten highly experienced technicians that may work on the repairs of your boat. They will be able to provide your boat with high-quality service thanks to their state-of-the-art workshop that houses all the necessary tools that they need to repair every scratch, dent, cracks, or any other damages to your beloved boat.

They Also Sell Used Boats and Outboards

If you don’t have enough budget or money to buy a brand-new boat, then you may want to check out Brisbane Yamaha’s Used Board catalog and see if there are any models that fit your budget.

Most people would probably think that used boats will bring more problems to the boat owner since there may be invisible damages lurking beneath some parts of the boat; however, Brisbane Yamaha ensures that all of the used boats they are selling are inspected properly and are tested to be fully-functional when in water.

Those are the excellent services and features that you can find on the Brisbane Yamaha website. The store has almost everything that a boat owner needs when it comes to looking for new or used boats, as well as finding the right service centre for the models that they already own. After purchasing a boat from them, make sure that you leave a review on their website by clicking the “Leave us a review!” button located to the right of the shop’s logo.