Different Types Of Kayaks

Kayaking is the most exciting outdoor activity — it gives the thumbs up to enjoy sensational sceneries that you won’t ever see from the shore. If you are a water sports lover or want to explore adventurous places, kayaking is the best way.

Whenever you go to buy a kayak, it is important to get the right kayak according to your need. You will discover different types of kayaks in the market that have their own additional benefits. Before getting one, you need to focus on the key feature. Travel over all types of kayaks with this article.

Different Types Of Kayaks

Though kayaking is suitable for all ages and abilities, one needs to choose the right type of kayak. Whether you are a learner or a specialist paddler, a congruous kayak gives a satisfactory trip. Although a satisfying trip depends on an ideal kayak, it also requires proper guidance to execute.

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All types of kayaks can differ in two categories: whitewater and flatwater. So below, we will explain these two categories and their types.

1. Flatwater kayak 

You may intuitively understand the meaning of this type of kayak with its name. Kayaking in calm water where you don’t have excessive wind, waves, and current, which is called a flatwater kayak. This kayaking is best for beginners as saltwater has fewer obstacles and challenges. The types of flatwater kayak are recreational, sit-on-top, inflatable, pedaling, and touring kayaking.

Recreational Kayak

The recreational kayak contains a closed cockpit with a large opening that allows easy access. This is an affordable option to enjoy kayaking. It is slightly smaller than a touring kayak, so you can store and transport it easily. There is enough space to sit a kid beside you.

This type of kayak can steer easily and stay in stable condition. Moreover, the wider hull lessens the chance of capsizing. For beginners, this kayak is great for its stability and comfort to steer. But you can’t go in waves and rapid water.

Sit-in and sit-on kayak

Typically, a sit-in kayak is used for colder weather as your legs are covered within the cockpit. There is a spray skirt assembled to stop water from coming in. So your legs stay warmer. This kayak is suitable for a short multi-day trip.

Sit on type kayaks don’t have a closed cockpit, so you can easily sit down and out of it. When you are on the top of the kayak, your legs will be wet with the splash of waves and paddle. This type of kayak is best in warmer seasons and warmer water.

Touring kayak

Touring kayaks usually come in 12 feet or longer. They are narrower in shape and convenient for long-distance touring. There are thigh braces over the smaller cockpit; in case if the kayak flips, the paddlers can roll themselves back upright. As they are fast and convenient, the price is high. Touring kayaks are long, so it isn’t easy to transport and store.

Pedaling kayak

A propeller drives pedaling kayaks, and you pedal like a bicycle. They are useful for those people who have shoulder or back problems. Using the kayak, you can go further distances at ease. Fishermen love these types of kayaks.

Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are made of durable PVC (plastic), Hypalon (synthetic rubber), or Nitrylon (laminated rubber over fabric). They are strong enough to handle sandy or rocky beaches. They are easy to paddle and stable in water with wider beams.

2. Whitewater kayak

Whitewater kayaks are driven in flowing water, where you will get more waves and current. To kayak on whitewater, you need to run rapids and do tricks. Specially expert paddlers are used to them. Dagger kayak is a trustworthy brand that produces high-quality whitewater kayak.

Play boats

Play boats are usually about 6 feet long. They are low-volume freestyle kayaks, and you need to do tricks and moves to drive them. This kayak is very short, and only one paddler can seat. One can enjoy more fun if you can tackle waves and holes.

Creek Boats

Creek boats are high-volume short kayaks that enable you to resurface quickly. They are comfortable and come in 8 feet or longer. Some creek boats have a displacement hull which is better for beginners.

River Runners

This type is a hybrid combination of creek boats and play boats. They are longer with volume and allow better tracking and control.


Inflatable’s design is similar to flatwater boats, but they are stronger to handle aggressive rapids.

Special Kayaks

Sea kayak

Sea kayak is also known as ocean Kayak as they are driven in coastal waters. This is a variant of touring kayak that has a higher rocker and V-shaped profile on the front. This design is suitable for rougher water but gives more stability.

Day touring kayak

Day touring kayak is longer and sleeker than recreational kayaks. Typically their hull is 18-feet long and moves more efficiently in water. They have a narrower design that increases stability and lessens the effort of paddling. This type of kayak is suitable for one role journey. If you want to deal with multi-trip, then a recreational kayak will be better.


  1. What are the different types of kayak?

Kayaks can be divided into two categories: flatwater and whitewater. There are many types of kayaks under this category. Here, we have talked over all the types of kayaks that have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. What is the best type of kayak?

The best kayak depends on your needs. Read the article where you get to know which type of kayak is used. Choose the kayak which will meet your needs.

  1. What is the best kayak for beginners?

Flatwater kayaks are the best kayak for beginners. Flatwater kayak has less challenge and less effort. So if you want to start, you should go in flat water kayaks.

  1. What is the best kayak for older adults?

As most older adults have back or shoulder problems or don’t have strong muscles, they can use a pedaling kayak. This kayak is very comfortable to paddle.

Final words

Over time, there are many kayaks designed for various purposes. Specific kayaks have been manufactured for specific needs. When you choose the best kayak, you should decide your goal and pick the right one. This article will help you to decide the right kayak for your specific demand.