A Beginner’s Guide to Boat Types

Are you ready to venture into owning a boat? Do you need a boat for weekends and holidays to enjoy with your friends or family? Or you want to get away from the hustle and noise of your daily routine? Owning a boat means that you have the freedom to be out in the water whenever you want. You also do not have to deal with finding the right boat to rent or be on a passenger boat just to enjoy an outing.

Boating is an excellent way to enjoy nature, to get calm and some quiet. It is a nice option to get away from the noise of busy streets, horns, and bustling activity. You can also be out with your friends or family, just partying or having good times together. Whatever purposes or plans you may have for wanting to own a boat, below is a guide to some types of boats.

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Fishing boats

Fishing boats are durable and robust to adapt to different waterways- rivers, lakes, or bays. You can use them for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. These come in different sizes and shapes for more adaptability to different environments. The fast-moving slim bass boats are mainly built for fishing bass; aluminum boats are lighter yet durable boats. Offshore boats have a more robust build to survive the harsh environment.
You can use all-purpose fishing boats for other boating activities. Fishing boats also have varieties in an affordable range and is a good option for people on a tight budget. You can go cruising or sightseeing in urban waterways.


These are also called inflatables. They usually are an accompaniment to bigger and sturdier vessels. A dinghy comes in handy when the bigger vessel is unable to navigate narrow areas and for exploring coves.

Go fishing on dinghies in shallow waters.

You can row dinghies by oars, or you can power them with low horsepower motors.


These are popular boat choices, as they are versatile. Bowriders can be used for leisure cruising. You can go sailing, wake surfing, or fishing. They are also a choice for people who love watersports.

Bowriders are available as runabouts for starters and more luxurious vessels for comfort or upgrades. Its range of variety is a reason why it is so popular among both starters and seasoned boaters.

Go for a weekend drive, explore new areas, or go day cruising with your family, enjoy a picnic on the beach and play watersports with your kids.

Deck boat

Just as the name implies, it is a boat with a lot of deck space. There is a lot more space for people to move around and add seats to carry amenities and more storage space.

It is an ideal choice if you are looking to host or carry many people on your boat. Deck boats can carry up to 14 passengers.

Find a deck boat that is geared for your needs. Whether it be for fishing or watersports, you have a myriad of options from which you can pick your choice.


Do you intend to move aboard or have an extended cruising vacation? Trawlers are a popular choice for long-distance cruising.

Trawlers are equipped with kitchens and living space. You can choose to have a year-round boating season by making use of available waterways to change your destination.

Trawlers are intended for extended cruising. The powerplants are usually small. But, considering the fuel efficiency, it is a small sacrifice.


If you are looking for a boat with a powerful outboard motor with lots of deck space, why not consider buying a pontoon?

Pontoons are ideal for a day out, just plain sailing or lazy lounging under the sun. It can carry up to 15 people and is trailerable. You can get your boat out on different beaches and have great weekend funs on different beaches with your friends.

Pontoon fishing boats are also a popular choice in some areas because it is spacey and has good stability.

Fish and ski boat

Want to go out exploring a new river or lake? Fish and ski boats could be the perfect choice for you. These boats are available in small sizes and can carry up to five people.

Get away for the weekend with your friends or family to explore new places, or simply enjoy a sunset cruise after a busy day.

Wakeboard or ski boat

If you are into watersports, these boats are available in various options to satiate your sports thirst. Choose your kind of boat depending on whether you prefer water skiing, wakeboarding, or wake surfing.

There are crossovers available for people who want a boat that can engage in all three sports.

Personal Water Craft (PWC)

These boats carry up to three people. It is great for thrill rides, and if you love exploring, go out to new coves, beaches or enjoy checking out unexplored urban waterways.

PWCs are a great addition to bigger vessels for water activities on summer days. They are not difficult to manage and are easy on the fuel.

There are many more boats to choose from in the boat market- sailboats, walkarounds, powerboats, multihull boats, etc. New models are also developed to suit evolving customer tastes. Keep your eye out on the market and get the best boat that suits your needs.