Dock bumpers: what they are and how to choose them

Dock bumpers are shock-absorbing devices made up of different materials that protect boats and docks from major damage. They can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the use, and with different degrees of resilience to prevent the boats from ruining.

What is the definition of dock bumpers?

A dock bumper, also known as a dock fender, is a shock-absorbing item that you can attach or fix to your dock. Bumpers safeguard boats from harm, whether it’s from rushing into the dock or bad weather jarring a vessel at anchor.

Why should you use bumpers?

As mentioned, dock bumpers prevent boats from crashing into docks, exactly as rub rails prevent boats from crashing into each other. Using them can be a massive advantage for your boat, not to mention that they can even assist you in getting into the slip.

How to choose the best dock bumpers?

Dock bumpers can be chosen in various shapes and colors to suit the requirements of a particular dock area, or simply one’s preferences.

When looking for dock bumpers, it is important to consider the function that they will serve. Some factors you may want to keep in mind when selecting dock bumpers include, for example, environmental conditions (salt vs fresh water) or the size and shape of the bumpers.

Once you have a good idea about what type of bumper best suits your needs, there are some additional things to consider when making your purchase. Price is always an important factor, but don’t forget to also evaluate quality and durability as well.

For example, some models of dock bumpers can be also used as boat rub rails. In this case, one single purchase can solve multiple purposes. This is the case of Tessilmare’s dock bumpers.

Where to buy the best bumpers?

As mentioned, quality is an extremely important factor to be taken into account.
Tessilmare’s dock bumpers are highly used in the nautical sector for this reason: made of solid PVC, they are flexible and versatile, yet durable.

Tessilmare’s dock bumpers, such as model BINO or BUMPER, guarantee a perfect and safe transfer of the craft between moorings. Thanks to the extruded shape, the bumpers are flexible, stable, and safe against contact and bump, guaranteeing maximum safety in all weather conditions. The bumpers can be fixed with screws on a wooden dock and in concrete docks, or directly on boats.

What are the Features of Tessilmare’s dock bumpers?

  • Resistant material
  • Made in PVC
  • Can absorb high-impacts
  • Non-slip
  • Available in a 3 different colors
  • Long-lasting

Plus, Tessilmare’s bumpers are all made in Italy and come with a lifelong warranty.

Is PVC better than rubber?

Yes, it is! characterized by high application versatility, flexibility e modeling possibilities, contrary to rubber PVC guarantees stability and resistance against sun rays and extreme temperatures. Moreover, PVC dock bumpers don’t leave the usual horrible black stripes on boats in case of bump or contact.