What To Do When You Get A Boat For The First Time

When you have worked hard all your life and you reach an age where you can afford the one that you always wanted to have – a boat, you get excited to a whole new level. Owning a luxury boat is exciting, however, it comes with a few responsibilities.  You have to maintain your boat to enjoy its ride for a long time. Boats can be a valuable inheritance as well.

If you have bought a boat for yourself for the first time, there are some protocols that you need to follow before taking it to the waters. Here are some important things that you should do when you get yourself a boat.

1. Get Your Boat Registered

The first thing to do when you buy a boat is to get it registered. Registration of a boat with the local and federal authorities is particularly important because of the several advantages you get. Your boat gets an identity, so if you ever lose your boat or someone steals it, it can be retrieved easily. Secondly, maritime laws will be applied to your boat once it gets registered.


The boat registration in QLD is simple and can be done in easy steps. Apply for registration as soon as you get your boat.

2. Name Your Boat

Naming a boat is as important as naming your child. The name gives an identity to your boat. It also shows belongingness and the love you hold for this special piece. When choosing a name for your boat, you should act wisely. Your boat’s name is going to last till the time it is in your ownership. Make sure you choose a unique and striking name.

Some people like to name their boat after a special someone or a unique quality that they adore.  Naming a boat is fun and you can do it yourself or consult expert creative teams to help you with the process.

3. Get It Insured

Like your car insurance,  the insurance for your boat is very important.  In case it is involved in an accident, or it gets stolen, at least you do not lose everything suddenly. Insurance companies should be able to pay for the damage.

You can not take your boat home or put it in your garage like a car. Your boat is going to be anchored on the nearest shore. You certainly can not guard it 24/7. Therefore, getting insurance can save you some trouble.

4. Buy The Proper Equipment

Lastly, you should buy all the important equipment needed for the boat. You should have a few life jackets on board all the time. Sometimes, new boats do not include dock lines and fenders that you might need when docking, therefore, you should invest in those.

You should have all the nautical gear necessary for boating. You should also be familiar with this equipment. Otherwise, get yourself a basic boating lesson before you start your boating experience.