Reasons to have a Microfiber towel

Microfiber towels have many advantages over the basic ones. They are super absorbent; they attract dirt and they dry much faster. You can find many uses for microfiber towels ranging from cleaning your TV, monitor, eyeglasses and even your car. Microfibers are very potent at attracting dirt and that’s why they are used in many cleaning accessories.

Why should you have a microfiber towel?

Let’s discuss about the applications of a microfiber towel first. You can use them while cleaning

  • Your kitchen’s appliance
  • Dusting your house
  • Cleaning car
  • Wiping counters of a kitchen
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Cleaning eyeglasses and contact lens
  • Cleaning your TV and monitor

There are many other uses for a microfiber cloth other than the ones listed above. When cleaning your lenses and your glasses you might come across artifacts which are caused by normal towels and cloths when cleaning. Using a microfiber helps remove and avoid those.

There are many advantages of using a microfiber towel. Many people buy these towels for the specific edge they provide in different tasks.

The advantages of a microfiber towel include

They attract microbes and catch them. They are much better than cotton when it comes to catching bacteria. So next time you are cleaning your floors and realize you are using microfiber, it should put a smile on your face. They have a net type structure which contributes to their attraction factor.

They also attract dirt particles. They are also very efficient at catching dirt and dust particles. A generic towel pushes the dust away while the microfiber cloths attract and catch them.

They have great reusability. They are not as strong compared to other towels but they have very good reusability. They suffer less when washing and they last longer.

Microfibers are extra absorbent. They are more absorbent than cotton towels which might come as a surprise when thinking of their weight and width.

They are quick-dry towels. Meaning they dry quicker than cotton towels. While some cotton towels can dry faster than normal towels, microfiber towels dry faster than most other towels out there.

Some disadvantages to know of

  • They are pretty expensive. When you think of longevity they tend to make up for that area. Sometimes they might even be cost-efficient.
  • They can be somewhat abrasive. Usually, they tend to be soft, but they are not as soft as most cotton towels. You need to know what the microfiber towel is made from to determine the harshness.
  • Some of the materials of microfiber towels are flammable. It’s very unlikely you will see microfiber towels to catch fire but just thought you should know.
  • They are also not very eco-friendly.