Gift Ideas for Boaters

sailing on a sail boat

Boaters, or people that take boating as a pastime, are arguably some of the most dedicated persons in their hobby. They would often go boating at least every day, and they would also keep their boat well maintained so that it would remain durable and beautiful. So, giving them a gift during … Read more

Best Sunscreens to Wear on a Boat

A hand and a sunscreen lotion

Are you planning to go boating one of these days? Sure, being outdoor could be a great idea. Nothing beats a great sunbathe while on a boat or some lake fishing at some of the best areas in the West. It’s quiet, the view is serene, and the experience can be very calming. … Read more

10 Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Kicker 6 5  Charcoal LED Marine Wakeboard Speakers

Wakeboarding is one of the fun water activities you can try. It is a water sport where you are pulled through the water and make a perfect jump as you hit the wave. But did you know that you can make your wakeboarding experience more fun? Yes, and that is by adding … Read more

Best Lip Balms for Sailing and Boating

Sailing and boating involve a lot of time under the sun, and to be able to avoid sunburns, boaters see to it that they put on sunscreens, wear UV protected clothes, and have their shades and wide-brimmed hats on. However, there’s one spot on our face that we often forget to put … Read more

Best Sailing and Boating Wide Brimmed Hats for Women

If you’re a woman who enjoys sailing and boating, you should always have some sun protection with you to avoid the harmful rays of the sun. Aside from sunscreen, shades, and wearing UV protected clothes, another essential sun protection you should have is a wide-brimmed hat. Wide-brimmed hats are great for sailing … Read more

Best Sailing and Boating Wide Brimmed Hats for Men

If you’re a man who spends a lot of time sailing under the sun, it’s essential for you to always have sun protection around. One of the best sun protection you can wear while boating is a hat. However, a regular hat will not work especially when you intend to stay under … Read more

Fun and Cool Floating Keychains for Boat Keys

Boating is one of the many activities to enjoy the rivers, streams, lakes, and open oceans that surround us. When we go onboard, aside from our safety, another thing we think about is the safety of our belongings because we can easily lose them when they fall into the water. Big things … Read more