Can You Use a Drone While Boating?


Have you ever longed to record breathtaking overhead footage of your sailing adventures? Flying a drone while boating can provide a new viewpoint on your adventure, but there are some critical points to keep in mind to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience. There are numerous variables to consider, ranging from picking the correct … Read more

Installing a Marine GPS on Your Boat

a senior man steering a yacht on a sunny day while looking at the GPS

The Global Positioning System, aka GPS, is a satellite-based navigation system created by the United States Department of Defense for military applications—but most of us know them as the navigation system used by our cars and phones. Whether it’s the GPS in your car, your phone, or marine GPS units for boats, … Read more

Best Speakers for Time on a Pontoon

people on a pontoon boat in the middle of the water

Among the most significant benefits of owning a pontoon boat is the ability to convert it into a party boat. There’s plenty of room on the large open deck and plenty of seating to install marine-grade audio equipment so you can get the party started, or perhaps you want a little bit … Read more

Foods to Take on Boat

Foods to Take on Boat

Whether you’re arranging boat parties, brunch, or a romantic trip, don’t overlook the joy that incredible and perfectly made food brings to an already excellent boating trip. We’ve compiled a list of snack and food options for any boating event. If you intend on grilling, inspect all equipment before using them. Hotdogs … Read more

What Essential Items Do You Need to Live on a House Boat?

interior of a houseboat

Living on a houseboat is something that not everyone can handle (or even dare to). So, if you are one of those bold souls who live their lives surrounded by the unpredictable waters, you have our admiration. People choose to live on a houseboat for all the best reasons. One sure thing … Read more

How To Choose A Boat Cover For Your Boat

Docked Wooden Boats

Covering your boat is to prevent any scratch and trouble that can happen from it. It is to protect and stay away from the damage so that it can be longer. If we don’t know the right Cover for our boat, it is better to ask for someone’s help who knows about … Read more

What are Boat Aerator Pumps?

Small Scarborough Fishing Boat

You went fishing during summer to unwind or for a family trip. In most foreign countries, people primarily love fishing.  To deal with the mechanism,  what to prepare before fishing was that, what is important to maintain? At this moment, if you don’t want to have trouble during the fishing, you will … Read more

Buying Guide for Marine Tower Speakers

A wakeboard boat with wakeboard tower and speakers

While music adds more excitement and fun to wakeboarding, the kind of speakers you buy can be the difference between poor audio and a satisfying music experience. You may have regular marine speakers installed on your boat, but it may not give you the volume and the clarity you need so you … Read more

How Do Wakeboard Tower Speakers Differ?

Wakeboard Tower Speakers

If you own a boat, a yacht, or any other marine vessel, you know that adding a stereo system can enhance your cruising and watersports experience. Speakers blasting your jam will play a major role in your enjoyment of the waters. Just like when you’re driving, you probably love listening to music … Read more

Best Speaker Locations for Boats

A black and yellow coaxial speaker

If your boat doesn’t come with marine speakers installed, then you might like to install it on your own to transform your boating experience. There’s no high like a party on a boat with loud music and cocktails, enjoying the time with your family and friends. If you’re taking people out on … Read more