Famous Boats in History

Famous Boats

Ships have always played an essential role in human civilization. This article highlights ten of the best and most distinctive historical ships. Shipping was formerly the only way to convey products and supplies throughout the planet. During wars, ships were also a crucial component of approaches, tactics, and strategies. Every ship in … Read more

Nautical Trivia and Fun Facts

Nautical Trivia and Fun Facts

Are you a skilled sailor seeking some intriguing and fun insights to share with fellow sailors on your next nautical expedition? Or are you a newbie to sailing who wants to learn more about this exciting water sport?  Whether you previously knew all of these interesting nautical and boat facts or had … Read more

Is Yacht Rock Songs About Yachts?

Yacht in the middle of sea

Yacht rock is an old genre of music that emerged in the 70s and was one of the most commercially successful genres of that time. Yet, its popularity has failed to define this genre fully, and a concise definition for yacht rock does not exist. Most listeners agree that yacht rock has … Read more

Flatboats – Their Use in the Past

A flatboat passing a long cigar-shaped keelboat on the Ohio River

A flatboat is unlike any boat that you see these days. This kind of boat was very popular back in the day when people used it to transport freight and passengers. It has a unique shape as the button is rectangular and flat. These flatboats existed in various different sizes. However, their … Read more

Funny Names People Have Given to Their Yachts

a sailing boat from De Pere, Wisconsin, docks in Door County, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan

Naming your boat is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. In ancient times, it was considered that if you named your boats after gods, they would watch over it and protect it from bad luck. In recent times, the tradition has not died. Instead, people have made naming boats a … Read more

What Should We Know About Boat Plumbing?

A tug boat

Planning is a must in constructing a system, whether it is hardware or software. It’s like building the backbone, which enables you to build a firm structure to prevent creating a failed project plan. That is why an engineer needs to logically design the wireframe, so the water flows depending on how … Read more

How to Maximize Storage on a Boat

Men holding a rope on a boat

Having to maximize your storage can help you fully organize the things inside your room. However, maximizing them is never easy, especially if you’re in a confined space like a boat. In reality, boats were not supposed to carry many things in them, but with the right skills and knowledge, you should … Read more

What is a Mark Twain boat?

An image of Mark Twain Riverboat

Boating could be a fun way of unwinding and as a recreational activity. In terms of boats, there were a lot of types and purposes as well. Well, Mark Twain’s Riverboats have an interesting background to say as well as how it became as a pen name of an American Writer. You … Read more

What Are Keelboats And What Are They Used For?

Keelboat and Flatboat

Sailing is one of the activities which people in other countries like doing. It is rewarding to them to create and develop a simple boat that they can use in their training or family sailing. But the main question here is, what are the boats they have considered the best and most … Read more

Tips For Fly Fishing From A Boat

Fishing Boat On Rocky Rough Coast

Fishing Boat On Rocky Rough Coast A fly fishing is another way for anglers to challenge themselves to catch as many fish as possible. And this is also another thing for us to bond with our family and friends that is fun to do, primarily when you’re planning to go out with … Read more

Ships Used In The Civil War

Picture Of Black and Brown Color of Ship

Civil war organizes by a group fighting against the other country or region that aims to take control and change the policies by the government. People who join fight like this sometimes want to hear what they wish to force the person on the throne to make what they want to happen. … Read more

A Brief History of Rafts

Paddling men in a raft

When you think of a hobby, sports, or a kind of activity that you haven’t yet experienced, you might consider boating. With the advent of different boats today, you have a lot of choices to give a try someday. But as watching these boats in the bay, media platforms, and magazines, some … Read more

The Origin of Flatboats

The Origin of Flatboats

Boating is a kind of recreational activity that has a lot of benefits in terms of either physical or business purposes. It was also a kind of vehicle to reach other places through the water. To make this possible, you need a boat first, and the type is up to you or … Read more

Docking A Boat: What You Need To Know

Boats Near Dock

Docking a boat pulls your vessel up with full force to a dock by making a parallel position using a rope. It is to secure the ship that will not move to its place to make it the people get easier to step on to the floor. It is essential to know … Read more

Ideas On Having A Party On A Boat

Women Holding A Clear Glass Bottle

Throwing a party on a boat is not an ordinary party that we’re throwing. But this kind of party is different and fun to be experienced, and we love to celebrate it as something special to us. We always have an idea to make it more exciting to do with our friends … Read more

Tips for Boating at Night

An image of a boat on the sea

Have you ever wish for a night escapade just to relax or be with your intimate group? Wherein the cold breeze slaps your skin while the blinking lights from afar spur romantic ambiance. Well, there were a lot of boating locations like the Gondolas on the Grand Canal, Venice, wherein couples, friends, … Read more

Guide To Living on A Boat

Houseboat on the river among exotic nature

If you are planning to leave the bricks and mortar for good and willing to live on a boat, you are planning to enjoy your days with skyline views, romance with nature, and the dewy smell of the air on the waters. Living on a boat gives you various benefits like closeness … Read more

Saving Money While Owning a Boat

A girl holding 100 US Dollar Banknotes

You might have gone on a cruise once and you loved to make waves on the waters. Going on a cruise can be a fun thing. You can arrange a party at your yacht, go fishing, wakeboarding, skiing, tubing, or just floating on the waters. After a long winter, it is a … Read more

Top 10 Mistakes by Power Boaters

Motorboats in the hangar

If you are new to boating or a professional boater, you will make common mistakes that lead to consequences on the water. It happens when you are in hurry or you don’t pay attention to the maintenance of your boat. Some mistakes are embarrassing and some are costly mistakes. These common mistakes … Read more

Ensuring the Safety of Kids on a Boat

boat, yacht, sea, sunset

Compared to doing recreational activities on dry land, boating with kids needs more detailed safety planning. Especially since, unlike on land, you’re afloat in the middle of the vast water, and help might not come as fast as you would want them to be. Going on a boat ride together with your kids and … Read more

Are All Ships Referred to in the Feminine?

A cruise ship

Why is a ship referred to with “she” in English? In school, we are taught to use “it” to refer to things, while “he” and “she” are used for male and female beings. However, English has also used “she” when referring to ships and boats, and even cars. The ship as “she” … Read more

What Type of Sports Require a Boat to Enjoy Them?

A man kneeboarding by the river

If you own a boat, you probably want to venture into some fun water sports so you can enjoy your boat in a whole new way than sailing and hanging out. Many water sports involve a rider that’s towed behind a motorized boat with a tow rope and a board or tube. … Read more

Learn About the Interesting History of Steamboats

Steamboat and Honeymoon Bridge

Long before there were cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes, people used waterways and boats to travel. They would use boats for transporting goods and people from place to place. One of the major downfalls of water transport is that it’s slow, and the speed of travel greatly depended on the water current … Read more

Some Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Boats

A small boat at the sea

As a boat enthusiast, perhaps you’re curious about some random, interesting, and fun facts about boating, sailing, and the history of boats in general. If you have some time to kill, here are some boat facts to learn and keep yourself entertained. There’s no denying that the vast waters in the world … Read more

The Fascinating History of Sir Francis Drake

Studying the history of naval exploration and combat provides us with an insight into many interesting characters. Some are remembered today for the daring expeditions they undertook, discovering new lands ripe with opportunity, while others may be remembered for less favorable dealings. Sir Francis Drake might be classified as a bit of … Read more

Types and Kinds of Houseboats

Living on a houseboat whether for vacation, as an alternative home, or for permanent residence – is becoming more and more popular. Permanent residence of houseboats is often an option for retirement. Houseboats come in different shapes and sizes, and whether they are stationary or motor powered. Whatever it is, a houseboat … Read more

Introduction to Marine Insurance

Introduction to Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is very wide, complex and encompassing. A simple definition would be a protection of ship, boat, cargo or property due to damage or loss while in transit from one place to another. Marine insurance is important because through that, ship owners and transporters can be sure of claiming damages. A … Read more

Is It a Boat or a Ship?

Is It a Boat or a Ship?

Do you really know the difference between a ship and a boat? Have you ever wondered why sometimes a vessel is considered by some as a boat, while others call it a ship? It is because there is a thin line between these two, and it leads to confusion, especially for seafarers. … Read more

Greatest Naval Fleets in History

For centuries, the only way to get across the Earth was to embark on a long journey, ride a boat, and brave the high sea. But aside from serving as routes to get you from one place to another, the Earth’s ocean is also the place where so much conflict and violence … Read more