Baitcaster Vs Spinning Reel Pros and Cons

How well your fishing trip goes that largely depends on the equipment you use. The right equipment will give you the enjoyment and wrong ones will give you an awful experience. So having knowledge about different fishing gear is a must for anglers.

However, this very guide is also based on something like that. I am here to discuss the difference between baitcaster and spinning reel since both are very popular fishing reels. From beginners to professionals, everyone keeps switching between these two.

If you are a beginner then first you must learn about the difference and suitability of these two reels so that you end up with the right one.

Which is why I have come up with this Baitcaster Vs spinning reel pros and cons. At the end of this guide, you will know which reel you should choose, when, and why.

So without wasting any minute, let’s get going!

Difference Between Baitcasting Vs Spinning Reel

Baitcasting Reel

Baitcasting reel as known as Conventional reel is been around for a while now. It is an advanced fishing reel for experienced anglers.

Compared to a spinning reel, bait casters are smaller and low profile. Great casting control and great precision, both can be achieved with this very reel.

In bait casters, the spool moves as you throw the lure or cast, not otherwise. So controlling this reel requires experience.

Baitcasters are very durable and powerful which cannot be achieved from other reels. And if I talk about the price, baitcaster reels are a little expensive.

Talking about the price, visit for some good-quality baitcasting reels under $100.

When you are after hunting down big hard-fighting fishes, then you would need a baitcaster because you will be using heavy lines and lures. Plus, you need longer casting accuracy and control as well and baitcaster comes in handy in there as well.

You should only choose a baitcasting reel when you have spent a good amount of time in fishing and now you want to step the game up. Otherwise don’t.


  • With a baitcasting reel, you will get to witness very few line twists.
  • Slow baiting is very easy with baitcaster.
  • You get good accuracy and casting control with baitcaster.
  • Wide range of gear ratios.
  • Baitcasters are very lightweight and low profile.
  • Best for using heavier lure and line.
  • Offers good line capacity.
  • Highly durable and reliable reel.


  • Learning baitcasting is hard.
  • Lightweight lines can get worn out easily.
  • Requires heavy maintenance.
  • A baitcasting reel is more prone to birdnesting.
  • This reel is pretty expensive.

Spinning Reels

This is the most popular reel, more than baitcaster. Spinning reels are bigger than baitcaster and are a little heavy as well. It comes with a handle that turns the bail around the spool. These reels sit right under the rod when baitcasters sit on the top.

Compared to the baitcasting reels, spinning reels are affordable. The best part of a spinning reel is, they are super easy to learn. That is why spinning reels are best for beginners who just have started.

That being said, professional anglers also do use spinning reels when they need. With a spinning reel, you cannot go after large hard fighting fishes, this reel is suitable for small and medium-size fishes. The spool on spinning reels are fixed, the swimbaits or lure weight is what pulls the line off the spool.

A spinning reel is best for using a light lure or bait.

Advantages of Spinning Reel

  • Spinning reels aren’t prone to birds nesting.
  • Super easy to learn and understand these reels.
  • Is pretty low priced compared to baitcaster.
  • This reel doesn’t cause light line to wear out.
  • Doesn’t require heavy maintenance.
  • Works well on different fishing techniques.
  • Good casting distance can be achieved.


  • The spinning reel has less line capacity than the baitcaster reel.
  • Not for hooking large fighting fishes.
  • Can cause line twisting.
  • Not as accurate as baitcaster.
  • Slow baiting is a little tough.
  • A very small range of gear ratios.


Let me summarize the whole thing for you.

If you are a beginner who has no idea about fishing but wants to learn, they should go with the spinning reel. This reel comes at an affordable price and is super easy to learn.

You will need one day to get a good hang on the spinning reel and how it works. With this reel, you can try different fishing techniques and hunt different fish species as well.

But spinning reels aren’t good at hooking large fighting fishes. And no beginner should get started with the large fishes since that requires experience. Start with hunting small freshwater fishes.

Once you cross the beginner phrase with a spinning reel and there is nothing left to learn in a spinning reel, now it is time to elevate the game one step further. And that is where baitcaster comes with. Now it is time to get your hands on a good baitcaster.

Baitcaster reels are not as affordable as a spinning reel, they are expensive. And nor they are easy to learn. It will take more than a week to get a good hang on the baitcasting reel. But once you learn it, fishing will become a whole lot of fun.

You will be able to go after hard-fighting saltwater fishes, you can make accurate long casts, the control will be better.

That is all, now you decide with which you should get started.