Funny Ship Names

Owning a boat is fun, not just because you get to spend your days cruising the waters on your own terms, but also because you get to name another baby. Naming a boat was rich in history and superstition back then, but now, it can be a great way to show off your sense of humor. Giving your boat a legendary name is great, but naming it with puns and funny phrases is even better.

Here are some hilarious ship names that really exist:

1. “Aboat Time”

Haven’t decided on a ship name yet? It’s “aboat time” to pick. Wait, that’s already a perfect one.

2. “The Codfather”

You can find inspiration for your boat name in the movies. This boat will make you an offer you cannot refuse: go fishing.

3. “Kids Inheritance”

Well, we straight up know who will get the boat in due time. If you can relate, try it on your own boat too.

4. “Thankx Dad 4”

This made us wonder about the other three gifts this generous father gave that little girl. And can he buy us the Thanx Dad 5?

5. “Buoyoncé”

Even a boat can become Queen Bey. Gather up all your single ladies and run the world with your yacht.

6. “Usain Boat”

Got a motorboat? Name it Usain Boat to prove yours is the fastest of them all.

7. “Sex Sea”

Seems like an adults-only boat, but admit it, it’s a witty name. Just make sure you wear protection… Like sunscreens and life jackets and stuff.

8. “Aquaholic”

Get it? The owner is addicted to water. Probably why he/she got a boat. If you’d rather live floating in the water than in your house, then name your boat this way too.

9. “Yeah Buoy!”

“You askin’ where’s yo’ boy? He’s sailing at Yeah Buoy!” This is such a cool line to say when you’re answering the phone to people who are looking for you.

10. “Fishizzle”

Name your sizzling hot boat “Fishizzle” and Snoop Dogg’s gonna be proud of you fo’ rizzle.

11. “Unsinkable II”

Your first boat sank. That was a sad day. Now, you invested in another. Declare that it would be unsinkable this time.

12. “Pier Pressure”

This is such a great pun funny on so many levels. Yeah, we know you got a boat you are forced to dock on the pier. Stop flexing.

13. “Cirrhosis of the River”

There’s nothing funny about a serious liver disease, but once its pun is named on a boat, that’s where it gets hilarious (at least).

14. “Fish and Chicks”

This is a witty frat boy humor. Name it to your boat so it becomes the ship great for fishing with your… wife, of course.

15. “Bullship”

If you bought your luxurious boat out of spite, this is the perfect name for it. Make a statement that starting today, you don’t get to put up with any of their bullship anymore.

16. “Ship Happens”

Consider yourself #blessed if “ship happens” in your life. At least you got a ship, when other people got no ship.

17. “Who’s Shore Daddy?”

It can also be smart to name your ship with a rhetorical question like this one. Who’s shore daddy? We don’t know ours, who’s yours?

18. “Eggs-ta-Sea”

This one’s an eggcelent pun! There’s surely no need for drugs when you get to have a lot of fun eating your breakfast eggs at deck while you’re sailing the high seas.

19. “Seas The Day”

Because “carpe ocean” won’t ring a bell. Every time you ride on your boat, you gotta seas the day.

20. “Now Who’s the Loser, Dad”

So now you got a ton of money to prove your parents you’re not a loser. Get a boat and name it this way.

21. “Marlin Monroe”

Your boat is a beaut, so why not name it after one of the most beautiful women who have ever lived? The real Marilyn Monroe will most likely love it.

22. “I Like Big Boats and I Cannot Lie”

You other brothers can’t deny that the owner of that boat likes his big boat. What a genius play on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s hit.  

23. “Baby Got Bass”

This is the perfect boat name for hunting and fishing. Sir Mix-A-Lot seems to inspire many seafarers with his song. He’s such a blessing to the world.

24. “My Xanax”

This is what you name your boat when you got it to unwind and take your stress away. It may not be doctor-recommended, but we approve.

25. “Seaductress”

Seduce mermaids and mermen with the beauty of your shiny boat. Show them what it’s like to be a human.

26. “Feeling Nauti”

When you’re feeling it, express it. On the back side of your boat.

27. “She Got the House”

You and your wife may divorce, but you and your boat are inseparable. Let her have the house and sail on with your boat.

28. “My Option II”

Everyone needs a backup plan. And when you got it, let everybody know.

29.  “Playbuoy”

Let everyone know you’re an eligible “playbuoy” since you own a cool boat.

30. “Whatever”

You just spent a boatload of money on a luxury and you don’t want to think so much about it. That’s perfectly understandable.